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Scratching posts and pads can be constructive for cats

Scratching posts and pads can be constructive for cats


Do you love your cat and your furniture? Scratching posts are a great way to harness your cat’s natural desire to scratch in a way that is constructive rather than destructive.

Cats scratch on things for many reasons—to help slough off the outer layers of their claws, relieve stress and mark territory (both visually and through scent glands located on their paws), as well as to stretch and flex their bodies, feet and claws. Even if a cat is declawed, scratching is an essential activity for a happy, healthy cat.

So where are the best spots in your home to place scratching posts and pads? Since scratching is a form of exercise and territory marking, it is important to not just stick a scratching post in the corner and call it good. The best spots for scratching posts are where your cat will find them to be most naturally useful. Think about areas of your house where your cat already likes to scratch. Is there a couch, chair or wall that your cat seems to gravitate toward? Placing scratching posts in these locales will deter your cat from choosing to scratch your belongings.

Another thing to think about are the rooms where your cat spends the most time. Is there a spot where your cat likes to nap? This area would be an ideal location to include a scratching surface. Picture your cat waking up from a long, luxurious nap and taking a good stretch/scratch against a pad or post when it wakes.

Some cats may also enjoy a scratching surface near where they eat. There is nothing like a good stretch after feasting on the catch of the day.

High traffic areas in your home can also benefit from scratching surfaces. Some cats get excited when their owners return home and like to show off their scratching skills. If this sounds like your cat, placing a scratching post near the entrance of your home can come in handy.

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