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Labrador retriever/border collie mix Daisy has a new lease on life, thanks to the Sadie Dog Fund.

A veteran’s dog has a new lease on life thanks to the Sadie Dog Fund.

The charity’s Veteran’s Dog Assistance Program paid for surgery that the dog’s owner couldn’t afford. In November, Sadie Dog Fund will hold a fundraiser to raise more proceeds.

Daisy had been a faithful companion for 10 years to a veteran named Monte. During those years, the Labrador retriever-border collie mix became a familiar face to other veterans in Monte’s apartment complex.

When Monte’s health began to fade, Colin and John stepped in to help care for Daisy. They took note of her friendly personality. “Daisy goes up to everyone and lifts them up,” said Colin.

Monte passed away this past February. Colin discovered Daisy lying next to Monte, her head on his chest. At that moment, Colin and John became Daisy’s new caretakers.

Daisy soon became a stabilizing force for Colin.

“There have been times when I’ve been down,” he said. “Daisy makes me feel better, and I want to take care of her.”

He noted that the same was true of some of the other veterans in the building, many of whom are recovering alcoholics and addicts. According to Colin, Daisy brightens their lives and has earned the title of “Mascot of the Building.”

In April, Colin and John noticed a fatty deposit on Daisy’s shoulder. When they took Daisy in for surgery, Daisy was discovered to also have a life-threatening condition called pyometra.

Their bill was an additional $700, a hefty amount for two veterans on fixed incomes. Unknown to the two, their veterinarian contacted the Sadie Dog Fund. When they received word that their bill had been paid, they were ecstatic.

The founder and director of the charity, Pam Hoffman, said that Sadie Dog Fund realizes how devastating it would be for the veterans to lose their dog over a few hundred dollars.

“Helping their dogs is our way of giving back to those who have sacrificed for our country,” said Hoffman.

On Nov. 18, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., Sadie Dog Fund will host a fundraising event for its Veteran's Dog Assistance Program. The event is called "Pawsome Holiday Pet Portraits" and will be held at Cherished Images by Beverly, 6220 Havelock Ave.

Thanks to the life-saving surgery she received, Daisy is now a picture of health. Support for “Pawsome Holiday Pet Portraits” and similar fundraisers will enable Sadie Dog Fund to help other veterans and dogs like Daisy.

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