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Your cat may spend hours grooming and cleaning – and with that sandpaper tongue, it should have it handled, right? Unfortunately, this is not always sufficient grooming to keep an indoor cat in tip-top shape.

Cats may seem very self-reliant, but just like dogs are taken to the groomer, some cats may need to be too. Basic hygiene is essential to make sure that your indoor cat lives a healthy and happy life. The Cat House (TCH) keeps its cats well-groomed and cared for before they are adopted, but it is up to the adopter to ensure that the cat’s fur continues to remain in healthy condition.

Some of the necessities for indoor cats may be surprising. All cats can get areas of the fur that become matted, although it is less common for short-haired cats. This knotting can happen in either the top coat or undercoat, so your cat may look fine at first glance, but there could be some hidden issues. If this knotting occurs, using scissors to cut the mat out is generally not the best option, because the mat can be close enough to the skin that you may harm your furry friend or cause him/her pain by pulling on the mat.

Bathing your cat will cause the matts to become tighter; so in most cases, the area must be shaved instead. This should be done by a professional groomer. A cat’s own regular grooming may not prevent matting, and some older or overweight cats are not able to reach all the way to their back to groom. The best way to avoid this hairy situation is to set aside some quality time with your furry friend and brush him/her a little every day with a soft brush or comb.

Going to a groomer can be helpful in more ways than one. The groomer cannot only help with any fur problems, but also check for other health issues, such as dental or skin issues, and help to keep your cat’s claws trimmed to a safe length.

When bathing your cat, the groomer also may notice signs of disease or parasites. Identifying these issues is beneficial because it can help decrease hairballs and dander in your home. Cynthia Schmitz, one of the groomers at Paws and Claws, says, “With regular grooming, not only will your pet be happier, but your family will be happier and you’ll have your pet around longer.”

TCH thanks you for not only thinking about your cat this holiday season but for thinking about us too. Your donations and contributions are always appreciated. Don’t forget to “Like” us on Facebook and follow us on Instagram for pictures and updates of all the cats here at the TCH. There will be plenty of fun to keep up with now that we have ushered in the new year!

The Cat House is a 501(c)(3) organization; contributions may be tax-deductible. TCH is funded by donations and adoption fees and is staffed by volunteers.

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