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Seth Colaner (left) tosses the disc around Lorenzo Bohl during a marathon ultimate disc game in May 2009, attempting to break the world record for longest game. (HEIDI HOFFMAN/Lincoln Journal Star)

In May 2009, they shot for a world record: the longest non-stop ultimate disc marathon game.

Thirty ultimate disc players from across the country convened at the Centennial High School football field in Utica to play what was intended to be a record-shattering 80 hours of continuous play. But near the 37th-hour mark, severe weather quashed their plans. They had to quit.

"But we're going to give it a go again next year," event organizer Jonathan Jank said at the time,

Next year has arrived.

The new attempt starts at 7 a.m. Friday at Seward High School and (weather willing) runs to 3 p.m. Monday. Seward County CASA, a nonprofit that aids abused and neglected children, is helping organize the attempt as a fundraiser; each participating athlete will make a donation to Seward County CASA.

"This is actually the third time I've attempted this record," said Jank, who's also executive director of Seward County CASA. "Hopefully, the third time is the charm."

An explanation of the sport: Ultimate disc is a fast-paced sport in which a disc is passed between teammates and advanced toward a goal. Each game is played to 17 points.

Here's how the record attempt will go down: Two teams of seven each are on the field at any time. The players play in shifts of six-hours-on/six-hours-off, giving everyone a chance to hit the refresh button.

Two players stay on call in case someone gets hurt - or just realizes the insanity of it all and quits.

Each game gets a 10-minute halftime, and there's a 10-minute break between games. Other than that, the play can't stop.

If the players do everything right and stick to all the rules, the event will be confirmed and recognized by the World Flying Disc Federation, the disc sport record-keeper for Guinness World Records.

The record was re-set this spring by players at Purdue University in Indiana. They racked up a time just shy of 75 hours. Jank said their original goal was 96 hours.

"This is a world record for a reason - just the coordination and physical demands it takes," Jank said. "Not just any Joe Schmo can break this record."

Every game participant will play a minimum of 44 hours during the event. Jank estimates each ultimate disc athlete will expend more than 20,000 calories during the weekend while running just under three marathons' worth of distance. Pockets of sleep are spare.

"It's pure craziness," Jank said.

But he thinks they've got it this year. So long as the weather holds out.

"I've been looking at the weather report," he said, "praying to God to help us out this time.

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