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    Dear Doctors: I have read that dogs can tell when someone has cancer just by sniffing them. That's already hard to believe. But when I heard about a nurse who smelled it when her husband got Parkinson's disease, I was sure it was an urban myth. Is it true? What would she be smelling?

      Dear Amy: I have a 12-year-old daughter who belongs to a youth group at church. When she joined, the leaders asked for her cell number so they could contact her about activities.

        Dear Doctors: How do I tell my doctor that I have a problem with alcohol? I'm prescribed pain medicine, which I don't abuse. However, my alcohol consumption has increased, especially since my mom died last fall. I want to bring it up, but I am not sure how, or even if I should.

        In this column I want to inspire you as dark financial storm clouds form on the horizon. Over the past few months, we’ve all been alarmed at the steep rise in the prices of food, gas and, well, everything. That, of course, includes building materials and the prices contractors charge — if you can even get them to bid your job.

        Q: I had a contract with a buyer to sell my home. A week before the closing, the buyer canceled the deal. The buyer said they couldn’t get the interest rate for their loan as listed in the contract, even though they were approved by the lender and the rate was well below current market rates according to our agent.


        The Chinese government says President Xi Jinping will participate in next week’s celebrations of the 25th anniversary of the return of Hong Kong to China. But it left unclear whether he will visit the former British colony for the highly symbolic event after a crackdown on a pro-democracy movement inflamed tension with Washington and Europe. The official Xinhua News Agency says Xi will attend a meeting for the anniversary and the inauguration of newly appointed Chief Executive John Lee. Xi hasn't made a trip outside the Chinese mainland since the coronavirus pandemic began 2 1/2 years ago. Hong Kong faces a renewed rise in infections following a flood of cases earlier this year.

        They are the most fiercely polarizing issues in American life: abortion and guns. And two momentous decisions by the Supreme Court in two days have done anything but resolve them. Instead, they've fired up debate about whether the court’s conservative justices are being consistent to history and the Constitution — or citing them to justify political preferences, To some critics, the rulings represent an obvious and deeply damaging contradiction: How can the court justify restricting the ability of states to regulate guns while expanding the right of states to regulate abortion? To supporters, the court’s conservatives are staying true to the country’s founding principles and undoing errors of the past.

        Police fired tear gas from the windows of the Arizona Capitol building to disperse hundreds of people demonstrating outside Friday night, as lawmakers briefly huddled in a basement. The lawmakers were working to complete their 2022 session as thousands of protesters gathered on the Capitol grounds in Phoenix. They were divided into groups condemning and supporting the Supreme Court’s Roe v. Wade decision. KPHO-TV reported the officers opened fire when several anti-abortion protesters started banging on glass doors of the building. It wasn’t immediately known if there were injuries or arrests.

        TikTok creator @risinggeminis saw a dated chair at Goodwill and knew it had potential. Cutting the curtain off and deep cleaning revealed a super cool midcentury modern chair.

        You don’t need to buy an expensive vase to display your flowers. Instead, hit up a Goodwill for some old glasses like @genevavanderzeil and use paint to totally transform them.

        If you love all things Victorian and dark academia @paintedblackdecor’s thrifted lamp transformation will inspire you. You can also use thrifted shirts to upgrade any lamp shade.

        Recently, a young college student was canvassing our neighborhood as part of his summer job, and as he talked with my neighbor, her cat escaped and took off through the neighborhood.

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