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Grandma Zohner stayed in her home into her late 80s. She loved her home. It was her social gathering place full of memories. Everything she valued was there. There is no place like home.

Grandma developed some physical challenges over time. Her common complaint was, “That darn kitchen faucet is so hard to shut off.” The faucet was often dripping the last couple of years she lived in her home. She just did not have the strength to shut it off.

That faucet problem was before I became a plumber and learned solutions like better-designed faucets. A major improvement in faucets resulted from the 1990 Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) that revolutionized many changes. An ADA faucet would have helped Grandma.

At the same time, it wasn’t just the dripping faucet that was the problem for Grandma. She did not have grab bars by her toilet or in her bathtub, which became a challenge too. Time marched on, and eventually Grandma went to a nursing home for a variety of reasons. She missed her home and we missed visiting her there.

Today, we have so many great options that can help people stay in their homes longer. ADA designs have helped a lot. In fact, ADA designs have helped everyone because faucet operation has become easier.

The entire faucet industry has improved so much through the years. For instance, the automatic faucets are also great options; especially in the kitchen. So often our hands get dirty preparing food. Just passing a hand over a sensor turns a faucet on or off. It’s quicker, and the faucet handles stay clean.

The right height or handicapped toilets are another great option. The elongated style is a good choice. Those toilets are easier to get on or off. There are so many options for fixtures and faucets.

It can be mind-boggling to understand the best options. So often a kitchen or bathroom remodel gets put off because it takes time to do all the research to do them properly. The remodels tend to get put on the back burner. They become a someday project.

It doesn’t have to be that way. John Henry's does a lot of bathroom and kitchen projects. Jordan can design those projects and be the project manager from start to finish. That includes timely managing of the installation of drywall, painting, cabinets, showers, flooring, etc. Jordan is talented and easy to work with. Jordan can also help with financing projects.

Jordan makes sure the trades are scheduled properly so they are not stumbling over each other. We’ve all seen the HGTV remodels that seem to always be in a rush to get completed. Craftsmen are on edge and quality suffers. Who needs all that drama? Is that really the way to do a remodel since you have to live with the results? Careful scheduling gets projects completed in the right time frame.

Jordan also works well with customers to make sure their needs are met. Each customer has different desires and budgets. Countertops are a good example. Customers may want granite, quartz or laminate. Costs vary. No job is too small.

Showers are another good example of meeting various needs. Some showers have to fit a specific area and may need to be tiled. There are also Onyx or fiberglass options. Kaylon is a craftsman that builds those showers that make remodels look perfect. Kaylon is a seasoned plumber at John Henry's. His attention to detail is impressive.

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Jordan typically recommends three plumbing showrooms that can also help in providing faucet and fixture alternatives. Those showrooms are Briggs, Ferguson Supply, and Winnelson. Each have experts that can help. Just tell them John Henry's sent you!

Remodels of kitchens and bathrooms make sense for so many reasons. There is typically a good payback to the value of your home. Even more important is you get to enjoy it. You deserve the best. Life is not a dress rehearsal.

The kitchen is often the preferred meeting place in a home. Memories are often made there. My mother has always been an excellent cook. I remember her preparing meals and baked goods. I never complained!

Grandma Zohner’s baked bread, Kuchens, Kolaches and incredible meals will always provide wonderful memories. Deb has always been an excellent cook in all areas. She makes the best lasagna ever!

This article is dedicated to Grandma Zohner and all the grandmothers, mothers and wives that can make kitchens even more special!

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