One of my favorite gambling stories is from a retired Lincoln lawyer who says instead of going to his law school classes, he played bridge for money in the Student Union, and earned his law school tuition. He did beat the house, and went on to a brilliant career.

Can you beat the house when buying a house? One of my buyers tried.

Here’s the conundrum. In this case, my buyer was relocating from Tucson to Lincoln. As a previous Lincolnite, she knew the neighborhoods, which gave her a leg up. She had to sell her Tucson home, get her stuff to Lincoln and close on a new house. To make it even more difficult, her price range - under $150,000 - is hot and very difficult to find. Yes, she could have sold her Arizona home and moved to an apartment and storage facility, but that’s not playing the odds.

Here’s what happened. Her Tucson home sold quickly, so the gamble was on! She prowled the local listings from her Tucson casita, only to watch house after house sell quickly. So we enlisted her daughter and Skype to go and personally visit a short list of carefully selected homes. We found one with huge potential, got in a bidding war, and won it.

Remember, she had only seen the home via Skype and pictures. During the inspection period, we did more Skyping. When she came to town, we finalized the last inspection and sealed the deal.

Two weeks later, the sale of her Tucson home was in the morning, and the purchase of her Lincoln one was in the afternoon, with a lot of behind-the-scenes action. Last hurdle, the movers never came, so she had to rent a truck and move her furniture herself. I met her at her new front door with the keys and a snack.

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Katie Pocras, MBA, Associate Broker

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