Last year I wrote about “This Little Red House.” It was a small Lincoln home with a so-very-well-done exterior – perfect color and details. I heard from readers wanting the address so they could drive by (no can do), and – the most fun – I heard from the owner. She was very surprised and thrilled to read about her house, and told me stories of how she made the color selection.

This year I’ve found myself admiring a totally different home, which I’ve called “This Grey House.” I’ve been by this East Lincoln home in all seasons, and it never fails to disappoint. I have not been inside; I’m just an admirer from afar.

This home was built in the 1970s and is a story and a half. It packs a visual punch with its details and color. The color is two-toned grey – a dark grey siding caps the light grey brick base, which draws my eye upward, giving me the illusion the home is taller than it is. Also, like the red house, the dark grey color is perfect. Grey isn’t simple and it’s easily too blue, too black or too green. As Goldilocks would say, this one is “just right.”

Exterior-wise, there’s a lot going on without it being over done. Wonderful metal awnings frame what appear to be newer picture windows. The stationary awnings have a slight industrial look. Lighting fixtures are updated to a Mid-Century design. The owner has also successfully used stone, wood and elevated planting boxes. One wonderful design note is that each side of the house has been updated and addressed, not just the street side. It’s like when picking out an outfit. The socks matter, even though socks may not be visible to everyone all the time.

The landscaping is also excellently executed. While the lot isn’t large, the landscape design makes perfect use of the area. There are a large variety of plants, trees and shrubs, which are colorful in every season. It’s well maintained, but not manicured, and provides the owner with some privacy.

To “This Grey House” homeowner: I notice and admire your work. Well done! I feel like you redesigned your home for you to love, and in doing so, you gave us all a house to enjoy.

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Katie Pocras, MBA, Associate Broker

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