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I go into a lot of homes and meet a lot of people of all ages. Over the years, I’ve noticed some similarities, albeit generalizations, about the stage of life you’re in and how it relates to the home you choose to live in. I’ve grouped them into three categories.

Accumulation Stage: This is the stage of your life when you’re acquiring things. You don’t have much now, but you’re planning on having more stuff, and soon. Usually it’s younger people with kids, furniture (parents love to give their old furniture to their children so they can buy new), animals and vehicles. I had one buyer looking at a modest home and she commented, "Where am I going to put my wedding gifts?"

Maintenance Stage: In this stage of life, you’ve done your major acquiring and you’re maintaining status quo. If you’re looking to move, you’re eyeing the storage space as seriously as the kitchen. You still have a full, lively household but don’t want the latest or greatest thing anymore. Nor do you need it. The patio furniture from 2003 suits you fine.

Purge Stage: At this stage, you’re done with things. It’s time to get rid of things you no longer want or need. This doesn’t always accompany downsizing your home, but it’s the most common reason to purge. When you have the storage room (such as in the maintenance stage), it’s very easy to leave well enough alone. There are now companies that will help you sort through your memories and simplify.

I recently sold a home for an estate. It took the daughters several months to empty the home and get ready to sell it. It was a painful and emotional job, and I could tell it took a toll on them. Their father loved his home, but he left a lot of things to go through.

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Katie Pocras, MBA, Associate Broker

Location Real Estate



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