I walked into the living room with my new sellers. They had lived in the family home for countless years, and it was time to move on. The living room is approximately 14-by-16 feet, and when you walk in the front door, you’re right there; in the living room. Giving the room a spacious, open feeling are the vaulted ceilings and half-wall separating the hallway to the bedrooms. As first impressions go, there’s no better place to make one than when you first walk into the house.

I suggested to the sellers how to rearrange the furniture to maximize the room’s assets. Plus by rearranging, one of the home's other major assets, an amazing backyard, became more visible. The sellers weren’t quite sold on the idea of moving furniture that suited them quite nicely for many years. I gently said, “You’re now playing for the new team.” Meaning, you’re getting the house ready for the next owner, and what appeals to them.

It’s important to show your home to its best advantage. And most helpful is a neutral third party. When I sell my own homes, I bring in a friend who possesses the "decorating" gene, a fresh eye and perspective. I remember one friend did such a good job, I declared, that maybe I would stay in my home after all, as it looked so good. It makes a difference showing your home to its best advantage, even if it isn’t how you want to live at the moment. When you’re playing for the new team, think of it as a small moment in time when your things aren’t as you prefer, and as a buyer will appreciate.

What happened with my sellers? We quickly received a full price offer from “the new team” with terms the sellers quickly accepted. Score for the old team!

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Katie Pocras, MBA, Associate Broker

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