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Lanes: Real life and real estate

Lanes: Real life and real estate


I enjoy an occasional bike ride, especially with my new toy, an e-bike, which makes me feel like I can always make it home again, no matter the hill or high temperature.

I am very grateful for a wonderful trail system (kudos to those who made and continue to make these happen). I try to stick to those routes, but often the destination requires crossing a major thoroughfare. It is scary. I stay in my (bike) lane, but vehicles regularly creep into it or ignore it entirely. There have been enough close calls that I am starting to question the price of those rides. When we both stay in our lanes, we have more freedom and more fun.

If social media is to be believed, it seems most are experts in about every field or discipline we care about. I appreciate those who limit their “opinion lane,” their voices, to the things they have knowledge of, not just concern about. I find that those fewer but more informed voices are the ones worth listening to. Staying in their limited lane makes their voices more valuable and influential.

My favorite client is the one who values what I have to offer. I am not a fan of self-promotion, but I will say that I have a pretty good toolbox for my trade. I have been doing this a while; I learn something from each transaction and each year of life. I know what I know, but most importantly, what I do not know. I know how to stay in my professional lane.

When the transaction requires tools outside of my box, I know it, and know where to find the missing tools. When my clients know this about their own skills and experience as well, we have a winning combination. A wise client, no matter how accomplished in their own field, who leans on us as professionals is usually a successful client.

With biking, real estate or anything else, staying in our own lane takes some intention but creates the most success and enjoyment along the way.


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