I miss the good old days. Yes, there was such a thing. Those of us that lived through them understand. Those days can still make us smile inside.

Memories of the good old days for me started in the ‘60s and early ‘70s. It wasn’t a perfect time. There is no such thing. However, it was a time when people were a lot nicer to each other. We played fairer. There was more mutual respect.

Our parents and teachers shaped our lives at an early age. They taught us manners that were not optional. Children were less demanding to be heard. They were sent away to play so the adults could talk. We had fewer toys. We used our imaginations to keep us busy. Parents took time to hold children accountable.

Language skills were stronger. People had better vocabularies and did not have to revert to four letter words to express themselves. Morals were stronger. Integrity and honesty prevailed.

When people passed each other on the sidewalk, they said hello. They paid attention and didn’t look the other way. There was no texting or talking loudly in public on cell phones. There was no need to share selfies because the most important people were looking right at us.

Politics had a certain degree of civility. We weren’t forced to view the pathetic lies and deceit now used to gain political posturing. There was less hate. Politicians frequently crossed political lines when they voted. It wasn’t who’s right, but what’s right. It was an incredible honor to hold a public office and politicians' approval ratings were much higher.

The spread between the far left and far right was much closer. Common sense brought us together. Sure, there were protests and civil unrest. There always will be to bring resolution. At the end of the day, we were Americans first working together to build a better United States.

Driving was more fun. Drivers showed each other respect. There were hand movements to wave and be friendly; not to flip each other off. Driving was slower and less aggressive. Today, everyone is in a rush. It becomes contagious. Not sure where we are all rushing to, but it must be important!

Yes, life was much easier. Regardless of your age, it’s obvious the world continues to become more challenging. The good news is there are safe places to go each day to escape the insanity. That, of course, is our homes. The sanctity of our homes remains something we can still control as the rest of the world gets crazier.

Home is where we can call our own shots. It’s a safe place to relax and enjoy some peace. Deb and I have been doing that for the last 45 years together. Those precious moments together mean more every day.

Spending time in our homes is good for mental health. It’s also good for physical health for those that have made the right choices of indoor air quality equipment. Healthy air is essential for our brains and bodies. John Henry’s can assist you in making equipment choices that provide quality air at the right humidity levels that will keep you healthier. That’s one more service we offer.

Once recharged, we can walk out of homes with regained strength and face whatever the world throws at us. Healthy minds and bodies reduce our stress!

For those with ample years of experience, our roles to make a difference have never been more important. It’s a great time to step up and share our knowledge. Our words of encouragement to those searching for guidance may be respected more than we will ever know.

Encouraging and training the John Henry’s team remains my favorite “hobby.” The John Henry’s team has responded well, and so can any business or family that accepts our leadership.

Providing responsible leadership is a form of payback to those that have made a difference in our lives. It’s never been about the money for me. It’s about giving back. As the late Joe Hampton said, “Those that put something back have a fulfilled life.”

With our help, there will be “good old days for others.” Life doesn’t have to be full of gloom and doom. There are so many incredible things happening around us. The important thing is to avoid the negative things and seek the positive stuff.

Our healthy homes can be tools to help us succeed. Is the air in your home reducing stress or adding to it?

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L Magazine editor

Mark Schwaninger is L magazine and Neighborhood Extra editor.

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