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My client met me at his front door. “Come on in,” he said. “I have something grand to show you. It’s in my bedroom.”

Privately, I’m thinking I’ll have to tell my daughter not to fall for this line; however, I gamely went forward. In my client’s bedroom was a Steinway, full-size grand piano. It goes without saying he had a rather large bedroom, and the piano was in the sitting area off toward the back. Yes, this Steinway was a beauty. He told me, with great enthusiasm, all about the piano, its history and how it came to be in his bedroom. Fascinating!

I’ve had many clients over the years whose pianos are a cherished part of their household and placement must be considered. The pianos are either grands or baby grands. When I’m looking at homes with piano owners/buyers, we have to consider where the piano is going to go, will it fit in the room, how will it get into the house. Pianos are statement pieces and often family heirlooms. Happily, the pianos are placed to their best advantage and well-loved by the family.

Placing pianos is hard. When looking at a house, we walk off the space. My buyers consider and contemplate. Grand pianos are much harder to place than a couch. Which way will the keyboard face? Where is the light the best? When the piano lid is opened, which direction will it face?

One of my buyers recently told me when she was remodeling her house, she had the workers help her move the piano a little bit each day. It took three men to move as they had to lift and re-set it down. Each day she’d consider the placement until she finally got it to her liking.

I like how another piano-owner buyer put it. As we’re looking at homes, she knew exactly what would make her new house a home. She said, “Home is where the Steinway is.”

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Katie Pocras, MBA, Associate Broker

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