Chatting with my neighbor in his driveway this morning, I gave him a little razzing about the late hour. It was 8 a.m., and he was just starting off on his walk while I was still waiting for my husband to roll around the corner. We dog walkers seem to run into one another a bit later these days. Suggesting that this later hour may have something do with middle age, I realized that term is not exactly accurate. Denial perhaps, but "old" does not seem quite right either. "Fourth quarter," he called it, and I like it.

“There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens.” And may I add, a home best suited for that time and those activities.

The first and second quarter folks tend to prefer bigger yards and bigger houses. They are making their mark, and their vim and vigor, their ambition and optimism are reflected in their homes and neighborhoods. More of most everything is their hallmark.

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While dappled with a smattering of those first and second quarter folks (how we enjoy their energetic addition), my neck of the woods is filled with third and fourth quarter folks. We trend toward a quieter, lower-maintenance lifestyle. Vim and vigor not quite what it was, we use it for what matters most. Work, play, service, travel and socializing tend to make the list. Mowing, shoveling, painting and home maintenance do not.

Our uniqueness often overrides any trend. But it pays to pay attention to the pleasures or discomforts of your current home. Have you entered a new quarter? Perhaps a displeasure can be overcome by a remodel or hiring of help, if the pleasures of your home make it worth retaining. If not, a move may be in order.

If lucky enough to be in this game of life for four quarters, it makes sense to play it, live it, as well as possible. Where you live is integral to how you live. A good coach can be the ticket to walk you through any game well. For this one, your REALTOR® coach is a good choice. Even if she doesn’t start until a bit later these days.

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