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Every home has a smell. I can hear you say already, "not my home." Yes, your home. And it’s not to say your home smells bad. It may not. But as you live in your home, you don’t smell it anymore. I remember a home I purchased. A classic 1920s American Four Square. It reeked of character, and apparently more.

You see, in my bedroom there was this smell. I cleaned the carpets. I cleaned the laundry. I couldn’t get the smell to go away. Finally I figured it was just, well, me. But I got used to it and after a while smelled nothing. Then, while remodeling, I moved into a different bedroom and pulled up the carpets in the former room. Gads! Pet urine had soaked through the carpet pad and into the wood floors. I had been living in pet pee. And I didn’t have a pet! So gross!

When you’re selling your home, the smell matters. Buyers come in and start sniffing. Pets, smoke, moisture, dirt, spices, lack of fresh air add up. Cover-ups are just that. Are you burning a scented candle or baking cookies? Buyers will want to know what you’re covering up. A buyer won’t stay long in a malodorous home.

The best smell is no smell. Call your Location Real Estate agent; you know, the one with the big sniffer. Identify the smell and figure out how to get rid of it. Remove anything that can retain odor. If you can’t remove it, get it cleaned, such as curtains, clothing, bedding, furniture and carpet. Stop the source of the smell. If your basement smells musty, check for a water leak or seepage. If you smoke, stop smoking inside. There are devices you can rent that help remove smoke smells. Your pet is a huge smell waiting to happen. And you may need a fresh coat of paint to seal in those old odors.

Address the odors, and you'll soon smell the sweet success of selling your home.

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Katie Pocras, MBA, Associate Broker

Location Real Estate


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