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One of the things I love about my job is when the new homeowner invites me back to see the project he or she has completed. I really enjoy the transformation, excitement and creativity. I get to see some really great projects! And I get ideas as well.

I was recently inspired by my decorating neighbor, Paula. With such enthusiasm she invited me over to her home to see her newest project. Paula had been busy. She painted the living room, family room and lots of trim. I also believe she had to paint primer before the final two coats of paint. She gamely hauled in her ladder and went to work. I believe it took her a couple of weeks. “Paula,” I said, “This looks great, but why? Your paint looked just fine before.” Paula replied, “I was tired of it. The color was dated, and I want to enjoy my home.” Well, you can’t argue with that. My theory is that after a while, decorating is like wallpaper you want to take down. You forget about it after a while.

But, I haven’t mentioned the most amazing part. Paula is 80 years old. She did this all herself. And it’s an excellent job to boot. I think the next time I hear someone say they’re too tired, I’m going to think of Paula hauling paint and climbing ladders with brushes and rollers.

I read about another decorating inspiration. It was a couple that had no knowledge of remodeling or decorating. What they did was pick one project at a time and watch YouTube videos over and over until they felt confident to tackle the projects. The pictures I saw looked impressive. What a great idea.

Maybe the key to decorating is gumption. You just have to roll up your sleeves and do it. And then enjoy your success.

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Katie Pocras, MBA, Associate Broker

Location Real Estate


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