Once upon a time, long, long ago and not very far away, there were two homes. These two homes had some similarities. Both were located in the same neighborhood, both had very large lots, and both of the homes looked beautiful from the street. And the selling price was in the same range, so both would attract the same buyer pool.

But there was one large difference. I walked through both homes many times with multiple buyers. The differentiating comments were about the interior. The comments I heard from one house was the home had a lot of space, but the space was unappealing. The other home, while also having a lot of space, elicited comments that the home felt inviting and livable.

How does design change the way we live? Why does good design make a difference? I’m not an architect or draftsperson. Nor do I pretend to be a design expert. Therefore, I’m uniquely qualified to have an opinion!

I don’t think the latest and greatest floor plan makes good design. Nor does a large home make for good design. I’ve been in plenty of small homes that would charm your socks off. So, here are my two top picks for good design … room scale and a front coat closet.

Room scale – Do the rooms make sense? Do they feel good, or does the room leave you cold and empty? In my Tale of Two Homes, in one home, while having very large rooms, the rooms felt cozy and livable. A well-designed room is where you want to hang out, even when the rooms are formal. Often you can’t put your finger on it. It might be windows, ceiling height or other factors.

Coat closet – This isn’t as odd as it sounds. I was in this really great, custom-built, Mid-Century home a few weeks ago. Fabulous. But where was the front-door coat closet? There wasn’t one. I’ve seen this in new homes, too. Even though people are increasingly informal, I think the thoughtful placement of a front coat closet sends a subtle message. (Don’t get me going on linen closets either!)

Good design makes for good homes. You can bank on it.

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Katie Pocras, MBA, Associate Broker

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