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Lancaster Rehabilitation Center’s latest example of providing efficient, quality and compassionate care involves a cutting-edge collaboration with Bryan Health.

Lancaster Rehab is one of four Lincoln health care providers to become part of Bryan Health’s Telemedicine service, which combines comprehensive consultation and convenience. The new technology allows patients to communicate via a computer screen with Dr. Brian Bossard, a Telemedicine specialist and co-founder/president of Bryan Telemedicine. Dr. Bossard is an internal specialist with 32 years’ experience in practice, affiliated with Bryan Medical Center.

Through the Telemedicine process, Bryan Health physicians become an extension of Lancaster Rehab Center’s team. The Bryan medical personnel train Lancaster Rehab health care providers in the delivery of efficient, quality and compassionate care through superior, state-of-the-art telehealth. The Telemedicine service allows doctor and patient to converse and observe.

“We input our patient’s information prior to the doctor’s on-screen visit, so they can review the details prior to the consultation,” said Nurse Manager Jessica Wilcox at Lancaster Rehab. “Few skilled-nursing facilities are participating in this cutting-edge technology.”

For LRC patients, Telemedicine is targeted at lowering health care costs by alleviating emergency-room costs and avoiding the hassle associated with doctor’s office visits, including adverse weather conditions.

“These remote visits create the potential for great efficiencies,” said Lancaster Rehab Center Administrator Amy Fish. “It’s the latest example of our effort to further strengthen our collaboration and communication with area hospitals.”

Lancaster Rehab Center is participating in the CMS Bundled Payment for Care Improvement program, in which seven diagnoses created by Bryan Health are in the payment “bundle”: two in orthopedic, two in cardiac, and three in medical.

“Our first patient to be seen through the Telemedicine service (Thomas O’Brien, afflicted with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, or COPD), resulted in a very positive patient outcome,” Fish reported.

“This particular case occurred recently. The visit was held to update his COPD condition. We were encouraged by how well it went and are excited by what the future will bring,” said Fish.

LRC’s participation in the Telemedicine process is on a 15-month trial basis. All cases involving Telemedicine service administered to LRC patients require a physician’s referral.

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