Whether you are dyslexic or you support someone who is, the Nebraska Dyslexia Association invites you to engage in conversations with others who share or understand your dyslexia experience at an Adults with Dyslexia event from 7-8:30 p.m. Thursday, June 27, at 5921 Sunrise Road. 

Many individuals (one in five) have struggled with dyslexia and related reading, spelling and writing difficulties throughout life. Dyslexia is often inherited. Not all, but many can read to some degree.

For some individuals who have never been diagnosed, dyslexia is a hidden disability. It may have taken a lifetime before some have realized that dyslexia was the “name” for their difficulties after living through many years with self-esteem issues (and yet success). 

Are you dyslexic … or wonder if you are? Some adults have known about their dyslexia for years, while others still wonder whether they might be dyslexic. Some feel unable to cope with their difficulties, while others have found ways to get around their problems. The characteristics below are often associated with dyslexia:

• May hide reading problems.

• May spell poorly; relies on others to correct spelling.

• Avoids writing; may not be able to write.

• Often very competent in oral language.

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• Relies on memory; may have an excellent memory.

• Often has good "people" skills.

• Often is spatially talented; professions include, but are not limited to, engineers, architects, designers, artists and craftspeople, mathematicians, physicists, physicians (especially surgeons and orthopedists), and dentists.

• May be very good at "reading" people (intuitive).

• Often working at jobs well below their intellectual capacity.

• May have difficulty planning, organizing and managing time, materials and tasks.

• Are often entrepreneurs.

To attend the Adults with Dyslexia June 27 event, RSVP to Carolyn Brandle by June 25: cbrandlenda@gmail.com or 402.488.7920.

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