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Summer is here, and for too many, that means their goals go out the window.

They start indulging in unhealthy foods. They stop meal planning and prepping, because they would much rather be outside doing fun, outdoor activities.

They start hitting snooze and missing some of their workouts.

They stop setting goals.

They let their fitness go on summer vacation.

Do not let this be you.

There are a few reasons for this, but two of the major ones are a lack of structure and focus.

For many with kids, the summer is a different beast: No more school, not as many planned events and not as much of a dependable daily structure, which can easily lead to chaos.

If you have ever read one of my emails, structure = freedom.

Whether we’re talking about your life, your nutrition or your workouts, you need some level of structure or you will be in disarray.

Often, people are great during the year. They are setting fitness goals, making their health a priority and have the structure necessary for success. And one of the biggest reasons is they are FOCUSED!

Where your focus goes, your energy flows.

My CHALLENGE to you this summer is do not lose focus of your fitness goals.

Stay committed to planning and prepping your foods as much as possible. Eat healthy 90 percent of the time. This means 10 percent of the time you can still have foods you love in the summer (did anyone say ice cream?). Just not every day.

Stay committed to hitting the gym 3-4 times a week.

Keep your commitments to your health. Stay focused on making you and your health a priority, so that when fall comes back around you’re not trying to make up for it.

Here’s the deal: If you over eat 400 calories a day for 90 days, you would consume an additional 36,000 surplus calories, which equates to an additional 10 pounds of fat.

This can easily happen when you lose focus and lack structure in your daily regimen.

Enjoy your summer, but DO NOT get out of your routine. Keep doing the things you know you need to do to take care of yourself and keep making yourself a priority.

Set new fitness goals for the summer, create a plan, and ATTACK IT!




How is your daily structure?

Where is your focus?

Let’s get those right so we can win our summer and keep on the path of success!

As always, get your mind right, get your life right.

Much love,


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Matt Priess owns and operates Fit4Lincoln and North Lincoln Fit Body Boot Camp.


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