The Aging Partners Health & Fitness Center reminds Rachel Trevizo of “Cheers,” the TV sitcom wrapped around a Boston bar where, according to the series’ theme song, “everybody knows your name.”

You won’t find a beer-drinking CPA by the name of Norm or a meddlesome mailman named Cliff at this fitness center, but what you will find is a welcoming atmosphere populated by helpful staff members and friendly older adults. It’s a big reason for rising numbers at the center, which moved 10 months ago from 233 S. 10th St. to a building at Ninth and J streets.

“The attitude here is great,” says Trevizo, a 71-year-old fitness center regular since 2010. “Exercise doesn’t have to hurt. They really make exercise fun.”

Trevizo joined the fitness routine in 2010 after a working career that included 40 years with the federal government. Judy Pfeifer, certified personal trainer at Aging Partners, introduced her to a balanced nutrition plan, worked with her on using the center’s workout equipment safely and effectively, and helped her with a walking problem she’d encountered after retirement. Today, she walks pain-free and is 60 pounds lighter.

“When you reach retirement age, you’ve earned the right to be happy, which includes living pain-free,” said Trevizo, a leading advocate for the rights of today’s older adults.

“We’re seeing a surge in numbers due to increased marketing and our new location,” said Tracie Foreman, certified personal trainer, community health educator and Tai Chi instructor. “Our members are retaining their vitality and improving their overall health here at the center.”

Aging Partners is reaching older adults more effectively by promoting contemporary fitness routines such as several varieties of Tai Chi as well as Qigong, formerly known as Eastern disciplines.

Foreman said Aging Partners Health & Fitness is connecting with more adults through partnerships for classes at locations throughout Lincoln. These include St. Mark’s United Methodist Church, Saint Paul’s United Methodist Church, Eastridge Presbyterian and East Lincoln Christian Churches, Lincoln Parks and Recreation’s Auld Recreation Center and the F Street Center, Cotner Center Condominiums and the new Hickman Community Center.

A busy schedule of winter classes is now under way. For more information or to register for classes, call (402) 441-7575.

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