Grab those nude stockings, ladies. You'll be at a royal wedding, after all.

While the May 19 nuptials of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will be a lower key affair than those of Will and Kate, guests at St. George's Chapel will still be expected to follow church and royal protocol, or at the very least basic British tradition, etiquette pros said.

The invitations to 600 guests described the high church dress code thusly: For men, military uniforms, morning coats or lounge suits, otherwise known as business suits in not-wacky colors. For women, "day dress with hat."

The edicts leave plenty of room for faux pas. They also leave room for honoring age-old but not widely known customs, such as choosing straw as the material for hats after Easter.

Some fashion and style etiquette fit for a queen:

— LEANNE ITALIE, Associated Press

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