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April 2 is National Peanut Butter and Jelly Day.

It’s hard to take a month too seriously when it kicks off with a full 24 hours of pranks, bad jokes, foolish antics and fun, fun, fun.

But April has a serious side to it with tax day, Holocaust Remembrance Day and commemorations for the sinking of the Titanic, assassination of President Abraham Lincoln, the Oklahoma City bombing, and awareness efforts calling attention to autism and Mother Earth.

It is important to remember and take action. But it’s also important to enjoy -- so here are some holidays ahead in April.

April 1

It’s April Fools' Day as well St. Stupid Day, National Fun Day and National Fun at Work Day.

And because it is the first Monday after Easter, it is also Dyngus Day (aka Dingus Day), a Polish holiday of fun and romance, which includes a tradition of boys dousing girls with water, and girls getting them back -- hence the day’s other name Wet Easter Monday.

April 2

On this day in 1805, Danish storyteller Hans Christian Andersen was born, leading to International Children’s Book Day.

It is also National Peanut Butter and Jelly Day. Did you know the average child will eat 1,500 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches before he or she graduates from high school, according to the National Peanut Board?

In 1989, a late advice columnist declared April 2 as Reconciliation Day -- a day to patch up relationships, make amends and let bygones be bygones.

April 3

It falls on a Wednesday this year -- hump day. And what better way to make it through the rest of your week than with such fun-loving holidays as Don’t Go to Work Unless It is Fun Day, World Party Day, Tweed Day, Find a Rainbow Day and Weed Out Hate Day.

It’s also the American Heart Association’s National Walking Day -- a day to get those endorphins flowing, which makes feeling good a whole lot easier.

April 4

Two days after National Reconciliation Day, it's Walk Around Things Day -- a day dedicated to avoiding all the stuff that gets us in trouble, causes us angst or that we later regret.

It’s also a day to show the love to fancy rats (World Rat Day), school librarians (School Librarian Day) and news reporters (Hug a Newsman/woman Day).

And, if you’re really not feeling the love, it’s OK to fake it, because it's also “Tell a Lie Day.”

April 5

Today marks the ninth annual National Walk to Work Day -- yet another holiday designed to get us sedentary Americans up and moving. Can’t walk to work? Then organizers say walk over your lunch hour.

April 5 is also Go for Broke Day, a day for taking risks by perhaps ... walking to work.

April 6

Today is Plan Your Epitaph Day -- don’t think of today as your last day, but as the first day of the rest of your life, which sort of ties in to Sorry Charlie Day, a day about coming to terms with life’s rejections.

Other celebrations today include Army Day, a day to honor all armed service branches; New Beers Eve, celebrating the end of Prohibition on April 7, 1933; Tartan Day, celebrating Scottish heritage and the tartan; and Teflon Day, commemorating the day in 1938 when Roy Plunkett accidentally discovered the non-stick coating; and International Pillow Fight Day.

April 7

Today is No Housework Day (yipee), Caramel Popcorn Day (yum), National Beer Day (the New Beers Eve celebration continues) and Tangible Karma Day (share your stuff with others).

April 8

Today is Draw a Picture of a Bird Day.

April 9

It’s Pay Equity Day, with people asked to wear red symbolizing how far in the “red” women and minorities are when it comes to equal pay.

Hate your name? Today also is Name Yourself Day -- go ahead and tell us what you want to be called.

April 10

Today is National Siblings Day -- a day created by Claudia Evart, after she lost her brother and sister in an accident. If you’ve got sibs, give them a hug.

It is also Safety Pin Day -- on this day in 1849, Walter Hunt patented this wonderful device he called “the dress pin.”

April 11

So much to celebrate. Barbershop Quartet Day, National Submarine Day, International Louie Louie Day (honoring birth of song creator Richard Perry in 1935), National Pet Day and Eight Track Tape Day.

April 12

Welcome to Big Wind Day, on April 12, 1934, a 231-mile-per-hour wind -- the highest ever recorded -- was measured at Mount Washington Observatory.

It is also D.E.A.R. Day (Drop Everything And Read Day), created by author Beverly Cleary in her children’s book, “Ramona Quimby Age 8.” It's also National Licorice Day and Walk on Your Wild Side Day.

April 13

Scrabble Day -- game on.

April 14

International Moment of Laughter Day -- created by humorologist Izzy Gesell to encourage people to laugh. It is also National Pecan Day, Dictionary Day, Reach as High as You Can Day and Look Up at the Sky Day.

April 15

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Happy Rubber Eraser Day. Today we honor two men -- Joseph Priestley, who in 1770 discovered the eraser by using pieces of rubber imported from Brazil, and Hyman Lipman, who in 1858 patented the pencil with an eraser at the end.

The first franchised McDonald’s opened in Des Plaines, Ill., in 1955 (hence, McDonald’s Day).

Also on this day in history: the Titanic sunk, Lincoln died and our income taxes are due. No wonder April 15 is also known as That Sucks Day.

April 16

Go barefoot. Today is One Day Without Shoes Day, created by Toms Shoes as a way to bring global awareness to children’s health and education.

Other holidays today: National Library Workers Day, National Stress Awareness Day, National Health Care Decisions Day (marking the importance of advance care planning) and the very tasty Eggs Benedict Day.

April 17

Welcome to Blah, Blah, Blah Day, a quirky holiday created to motivate you to do all the things people have been nagging you to do. Once you’re done with that, go ahead and treat yourself, because it’s National Cheeseball Day.

April 18

Welcome to National High Five Day -- created by a couple of college students in 2002, this day has been celebrated nearly every day since. But April 18 is the “official” holiday.

Today is also National Wear Your Pajamas to Work Day and Poem in Your Pocket Day, a day in which you are encouraged to tuck your favorite poem in your pocket and then pull it out to share with others.

April 19

Vampires beware, today is National Garlic Day.

April 20

Husband Appreciation Day (FYI Wife Appreciation Day is in September.)

April 21

It's Kindergarten Day -- celebrating the birthday of the founder of kindergarten, Friedrich Froebel. It is also National Chocolate Covered Cashews Day.

April 22

National Jelly Bean Day. FYI the origins of jelly beans date back to at least the 1860s, when people were encouraged to send jelly beans to Union troops fighting in the Civil War.

April 23

Today is National Zucchini Bread Day, which is celebrated in April because it is too early to be sick of the prolific vegetable; Teach Your Children to Save Day, created by American Bankers Association to highlight the importance of teaching kids to save money; and World Book Night, so spread the love of reading by handing a copy of your favorite book to a stranger.

It's also Talk Like Shakespeare Day.

April 24

Bosses be forewarned, today is Administrative Professionals Day (i.e. secretarys’ day).

It is also Pig in a Blanket Day.

April 25

Today is Take Your Daughter to Work Day, Hairstylists Appreciation Day and Hug a Plumber Day.

It is also World Penguin Day, taking note of the annual northward penguin migration that happens each year around April 25.

April 26

Welcome to National Pretzel Day, a day celebrating the world’s oldest snack. Pretzel history has been traced back to 610 AD, when monks in Southern France took thin strips of dough and shaped them as a child's arms folded in prayer.

Today is Richter Scale Day, celebrating the birth of Richter Scale inventor, Charles F. Richter (1900-1985); Audubon Day, celebrating the birthday of John James Audubon in 1785; and National Kids and Pets Day, a holiday started in 2005 to celebrate the special bond of the world's cutest species -- kids and pets.

Oh yeah, it is also National Hairball Awareness Day.

April 27

There is lots to celebrate today. It’s Babe Ruth Day, National Prime Rib Day, Tell a Story Day, Vulldogs are Beautiful Day, Eeyore’s Birthday, Save the Frogs Day, National Go Birding Day and World Veterinary Day.

April 28

Celebrate the wonders of the universe on International Astronomy Day and the wonders of verse on Great Poetry Reading Day.

It is also Kiss Your Mate Day. Researchers say kissing is vital to romance and intimacy, and it is the first thing to go in a relationship. So put some spark back in your life and give your mate a smooch.

April 29

Eat, dance, dress. Today’s holidays include National Shrimp Scampi Day, National Dance Day and Zipper Day

April 30

Today is National Honesty Day. M. Hirsh Goldberg, author of “The Book of Lies,” created this day in a response to April Fools Day. He believed that because the month begins with lying, April should end on a higher moral note.

And if that seems just a bit too dignified for you, it is also Bugs Bunny Day.

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