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Kaden and James Bowen in Corvette

At least once a day, James Bowen and his son Kaden, who has cerebral palsy, go for a drive around town in their Corvette.

I’m a car guy. I’m pretty busy with business (founder/owner/CEO of Five Nines Technology Group) and life in general, so I’ve come to appreciate the simple pleasures in life. Among those are cars and coffee.

I also have a special-needs son. Kaden was born 2.5 months early and suffers from cerebral palsy. Kids like him need a lot of motion, and we don't have a lot of amusement parks or traditional "rides" around Nebraska, so I used to take him go-karting at Champions. Unfortunately, he has outgrown the tandem seats in go-karts, so he no longer can ride in them. So car rides are the next-best thing, and even though he can't speak, he uses his speaking device to ask to "Go for a ride" many times a day. So at least once a day, we go for a nice drive around town.

My usual “date night car” is a 911, as our wheelchair-accessible van is not all that thrilling. However, I cannot fit my son's foldable wheelchair in it very well (it won’t fit in the trunk), so I can't use it to take him on a weekend road trip, where we might stop and stay overnight in a hotel somewhere. Road trips are the next natural progression in our car-riding adventures together.

So I started looking for other options for a “fun” car that hopefully could accommodate my son’s needs. I needed to focus more on the utility of what I needed. I remembered that Corvettes were hatchbacks of some sort, and I thought that might work. So I looked and found that one was actually on sale nearby, and I went to check it out. I took my son and his foldable wheelchair with me, and WOW, this thing was a perfect fit for us. The hatchback storage is HUGE, and very easy to access, and the bolsters on the front seat were good enough to hold my son in place.

So I bought it on the spot. This would become the car we would be making father/son memories in. Two weeks later, we went on a 728-mile round trip to the Bash event at the Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, Kentucky. We averaged 32 mpg that entire trip, including city and track driving.

Now we frequent car shows, and of course, go for rides daily.

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