If we're being honest, and many of us are in Nebraska, the Legislature is not for everyone.

Judging by the Journal Star online stories people read in droves, Nebraskans prefer accountings of arrests, car crashes, misbehaving weather, odd crimes, Husker sports, intriguing cars and their owners. Did we mention Husker sports?

But here's the deal. Your Journal Star statehouse reporters find what happens at Nebraska's Capitol fascinating. We know, however, that like Nebraska itself, it's an acquired taste. Like wanting to know if your representatives are going to ease your tax burden, or change gun laws, legalize medical marijuana or cut funding for higher education.

Following government action is not on everyone's bucket list, we know. But if you're so inclined, if you are interested in what that senator you or someone else elected is going to say next, we're here for you, Nebraska.

— JoAnne Young

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