Tom Brewer

State Sen. Tom Brewer was recently injured in a bike accident. He hopes to be recovered in time to compete in the world sniper championships in Bulgaria.

Sen. Tom Brewer of Gordon broke three ribs in a biking accident this weekend, but says although he's moving slower, "I'm good. No big deal."

The trick is, he said, that in three weeks he will be competing in the world sniper championships in Bulgaria.

And that competition, the International T-Class Multigun Cup on Sept. 26-29 at Slivnitsa, Bulgaria, requires a lot of running, jumping, carrying a large rucksack and shooting for three days, he said. 

Brewer was riding his bike on the Mopac Trail and his companion dog, Sammie, saw a rabbit and turned to chase it, cutting into the front tire of his bike and flipping it. 

"She is fine, the rabbit got away and I ate the handlebars," he said.

In June, Brewer had surgery to insert a battery in his back for a stimulator that will alleviate pain and discomfort from numerous injuries he has suffered related to his military and combat service. 

Brewer was shot six times during a spontaneous firefight with the Taliban in 2003 at a desolate site near Ghar Mountain in Afghanistan.

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Previous to these three broken ribs, he's broken three others, and suffered a broken sternum, broken nose, gunshot and shrapnel wounds across his body. In 2011, he was wounded again during his sixth tour in Afghanistan when shrapnel from a rocket-propelled grenade ripped through his body.

You can see why Brewer, a 36-year military veteran, says this bike accident was "no big deal," except for the training slowdown.

Brewer won a national and world sniper championship 20 years ago when he was 40. Now he's 61 and has his work cut out for him, he said. 

"I'm going to continue to train hard (a little slower with the ribs)," he said. 

He'll do his best to win that championship in Bulgaria, he said. Both teams representing the United States are from Nebraska. 

And if he could pull that off, he said, that might actually warrant a story.

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