With a deep and rich series of preview stories and multimedia content, and a constantly updating live story on the day of Nebraska’s first execution in more than two decades, we employed the new vertical gallery format to package our content and grow audience. Using this format allowed our reporters to update stories quickly and conveniently, all the while reminding readers of the variety of related content and context we’ve already provided.

Each new bit of information was added to the blog/collection as a new slide/asset. And when the day was over, the top entry in the live blog served as our main story for both print and online, with web readers who finished the story automatically spilling onto additional content.

Between Aug. 14, the day of the execution, and Aug. 18, the vertical gallery asset drew more than 14,600 users and almost 117,000 pageviews, meaning each user viewed about 8 assets, driving up engagement time.

This vertical gallery technique could apply to any large event or anything that involved significant preview coverage – presidential visits, college signing day, weather events, etc. It’s a technique that makes content easy to find, allows readers to keep abreast of breaking developments and reminds readers of our rich content.