Lorene Bartos

Lorene Bartos, emeritus associate extension educator. 

• UNL Extension Educator Emeritus -Lancaster County (4-H, Family and Consumer Science)

• Lincoln Center Kiwanis Member – Past President, Foundation Board Member, Young Children Priority 1 Chairman

• American Legion Auxiliary member – Cornhusker Girls State Staff and Alumni, Auxiliary Star editor

• 8/40 Nationale --- La Concierge, Departemental Secretaire-Cassiere, Chapeau Passe

• Community Action Partnership, Lancaster & Saunders County – Board member, treasurer.

• Rentwise Instructor

• Nebraska and Lincoln Rentwise Network Board Member

• Lancaster County Super Fair Open Class Foods Superintendent

• Church and Community Volunteer

Who has inspired you?

Among others, my country school teacher, Mrs. Schmadeke, encouraged us to not be afraid and that you could do anything you wanted to if you tried.

Twyla Lidolph, Extension Agent Emeritus, was a very professional educator. She supported and encourage me to be a professional in Home Economics and 4-H. She encouraged me to meet new people, learn from all experiences, and have a good work ethic.

My parents taught me how to volunteer and be involved in the community.

What does leadership mean to you?

Leadership is bringing out the best in everyone you work with. Leadership is finding the skills of others and encouraging their involvement. Everyone is a leader – each in their own way.

What is your favorite quote or motto?

“If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. You will conquer; never fear – try, try again.”

How would you describe a great day at work?

Assisting and helping others to solve problems and achieve their goals.

As a retiree, it is giving back to the community through volunteering.

What is the best advice you’ve ever received, and who gave it to you?

To do the best you can at everything you try --- from numerous sources.

What is the highlight of your career?

Reaching my goal to be an extension educator. Watching and seeing youth and adults with whom I worked with grow up to be successful.

Inspiring youth and adults to be the best they can be.

How have you changed over the course of your career?

As a retiree, I look back at the many changes that took place over the 46 years I was employed. Changes in technology and the needs of the community raking among the biggest changes.

I learned that a job is not 8 to 5, but however long it takes to get the work done. This is true in employment and volunteering.

One of the main things I learned is to roll with the punches and accept change.

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