1903 -- Gottlieb Neigenfind is the first person to be executed by the state, by hanging. Earlier, executions were carried out by individual counties.

1913 -- Nebraska's execution method changes from hanging to electrocution.

1976 -- Nationwide, the death penalty is reinstated.

1979 -- Nebraska Legislature repeals death penalty; vote is vetoed by Gov. Charles Thone.

1982 -- Nebraska Legislature excludes offenders younger than 18 from death penalty.

1994 -- Harold Otey, who raped and murdered Omaha student and waitress Jane McManus in 1977, is the first person executed in Nebraska since Charles Starkweather in 1959.

1996 -- John Joubert, who confessed to killing Danny Jo Eberle and Christopher Walden in Sarpy County, is executed.

1997 -- Robert Williams is executed for the 1977 murders of Catherin Brooks and Patricia McGarry of Lincoln.

1998 -- Nebraska Legislature excludes mentally retarded offenders from death penalty.

2008 -- Nebraska Supreme Court rules the electric chair is cruel and unusual punishment. Nebraska is the last state with electrocution as its sole means of execution.

2009 -- During a special session, the Legislature makes lethal injection the state's new method of execution; appeals and lack of the drugs needed to implement it have prevented the state from using it.

2013 -- One of the drugs used by Nebraska for lethal injection, sodium thiopental, expires. The drug, which is no longer made in the U.S., has been challenged successfully in other appeals.

May 14, 2015 -- Gov. Pete Ricketts says he has purchased the drugs the state needs to execute via lethal injection.

Wednesday -- The Legislature votes 30-19 to override a veto by Gov. Pete Ricketts. The death penalty is repealed.

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Shelly Kulhanek is assistant city editor.

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