As a result of the creativity of Nebraska artists and the support of generous Nebraska patrons, 51 Serving Hands sculptures will be seen by thousands of our community’s citizens and its visitors throughout this summer and fall.

Serving Hands is a public art project celebrating the 50th anniversary of Campus Life in Lincoln. A total of 51 sculptures were created for the project: 39 six-foot sculptures, along with 12 small-scale models represented in the traveling exhibition and sponsored by Cornhusker Bank. All 51 sculptures (large and small-scale models) will be part of a Public Auction at Pinnacle Bank Arena on Friday, Oct. 25, with proceeds benefiting both Campus Life and the participating Nebraska artists.

About Campus Life

For five decades, Campus Life staff and volunteers have been faithful servants, investing in the lives of young people, because Campus Life is well aware that the friends, choices and beliefs that young people develop in their teen years will echo throughout their lives, said Matthew Schulte, executive director of Campus Life/Youth for Christ. It is during these critical teenage years that Campus Life wants to be there to provide guidance and direction for young people in every walk of life.

Campus Life/Youth for Christ has locations in over 120 communities nationwide and is a non-denominational, faith-based program that reaches out to youths ages 11-19. Campus Life is committed to engaging youth in healthy relationships, guiding them in making good decisions, helping them positively impact their schools and ultimately build a solid foundation for life. These goals are accomplished in mentoring relationships with a trusted Campus Life leader. As a result, students feel valued, heard, loved and motivated to do good. Campus Life has over 1,500 youth who participate each year at Lincoln, Norris and Ashland middle and high schools.

In the last seven years, the Lincoln YFC chapter has launched two additional programs: Parent Life and Juvenile Justice Ministry. Whether pregnant and parenting or jailed in the youth detention center, these programs embrace and encourage these at-risk populations by walking alongside them through difficult circumstances and offering hope.

Serving Hands and Campus Life

The Serving Hands public art project represents the Campus Life mission: assisting and offering grace and hope to young people in Lincoln and surrounding communities. The Serving Hands concept was chosen to celebrate the 50th year milestone of Campus Life and the heart of service that is shared by so many individuals in the Lincoln community and the entire state of Nebraska.

Schulte expresses what Serving Hands means to so many: “It’s such a beautiful thing to see how the community has embraced this project, not only recognizing Campus Life but all who serve in a multitude of charitable ways.”

Project brochures, which include a map of all the sculpture locations, are available at the Visitors Center in the Train Station in Lincoln’s Historic Haymarket, 201 N. Seventh St., or at UNL’s Dairy Store on East Campus. For more details, including the display sites of the Serving Hands traveling exhibition, visit servinghandslincoln.org or contact Liz Shea-McCoy, Serving Hands project director, at 402-430-5923 or liz_shea@windsteam.net.


L Magazine editor

Mark Schwaninger is L magazine and Neighborhood Extra editor.

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