Lincoln loves public art projects! They touch our creative hearts and are a source of pride to both Lincoln’s citizens and its visitors. For that reason, generous individuals, businesses and organizations are coming forward to support Serving Hands by sponsoring a Nebraska artist’s proposal.

Serving Hands is honoring the 50th anniversary of Campus Life, the project’s sponsoring organization. Hands were selected as the sculpture concept as they exemplify the heart of service for Campus Life, along with thousands of Nebraskans who love serving their communities. Campus Life sees this as a celebration of all who serve, not just what the program does for Lincoln’s teens.

Our community (especially our children) love seeing how the same object – whether a bike (Tour de Lincoln, 2003), a lightbulb (Illuminating Lincoln: Lighthouse, 2015), or a heart (Nebraska by Heart, 2017) can be changed into a multitude of unique, whimsical and beautiful works of art.

The goal is 50 sponsorships. A sponsorship is a tax-deductible $5,000. To assist those who have expressed an interest in sponsoring a sculpture, four different payment options are available:

1. Two $2,500 payments with the second payment due by the end of May.

2. Four $1,250 payments with the fourth payment due by the end of May.

3. First $2,500 payment now and the second $2,500 payment through the Lincoln Community Foundation’s “Give to Lincoln Day” (as a designated donation to Campus Life) at the end of May.

4. Three payments over three years:

a) First $1,666 payment due at the time of sponsorship;

b) Second $1,666 payment automatically withdrawn at a mutually agreeable date in 2020; and

c) Third payment of $1,668 automatically withdrawn at a mutually agreeable date in 2021.

Liz Shea-McCoy, project director, recently spoke to a generous Lincoln businessman who continues to support Lincoln’s public art projects. She mentioned her hesitancy to ask him again to sponsor an artist’s proposal for the Serving Hands project. He replied, “You’re not just asking for money, Liz, you’re painting a vision.”

Artists’ proposals can be seen at servinghandslincoln.org.

Questions? Contact Shea-McCoy, project director, at 402-430-5923 or liz_shea@windstream.net; or Matt Schulte, executive director of Campus Life, at 402-617-2828 or matts@yfclincoln.org.


Patrons, sponsored proposals and their artists (as of Feb. 5, 2019)

Bob and Jan Fitzsimmons, “Monarch Butterfly” by Darlene Jansen, Lincoln;

Deb and Tom Cabela and White Law Office, PC, LLO, “Beauty From Ashes: Ellie and Kylene” by Alison Rash, Lincoln;

Abel Foundation, “Into the Sun” by Nicki Nix, Lincoln;

Bill and Lucille Sapp, “Look at This” by Greg Holdren, Friend;

Warren Distribution, “My Child, I Give You the Moon” by Ian Anthony Laing, Omaha;

Bettenhausen Family Foundation, “Nurture and Protection” by Liz Shea, Lincoln;

Baxter Toyota and Lexus of Lincoln, “Fracta” by David Manzanares, Lincoln;

Susanne Shore and Pete Ricketts, “Flag” by James Cattlett, Fremont;

Legacy Retirement Communities, “Patchwork Fields” by Patrick Gauthier, Lincoln;

Jeanne Garvin, “Serving Bones” by Miranda Knutson, Lincoln;

TMCO, Catch and Release” by Nicki Nix, Lincoln;

Union Bank & Trust, Enchantment” by Mindy Burton, Lincoln;

The Ostergard Family, “Flowering Hands” by Courtney Shudak, Lincoln;

Lee and Susanne Sapp, “By the Light of the Moon” by Matthew Clements, Lincoln;

Susanne Shore and Pete Ricketts, “Stronger Together” by Allie Laing and Alex Rapp, Lincoln;

ARYSE, “Perspective” by Kate Wilcox, Lincoln;

Wilmar Electric Co., “Supported by Grace” by Kate Wilcox, Lincoln;

The Peed Family, “Climbing Rose” by Darlene Jansen, Lincoln;

Chris and Tom Schleich, “Catch a Falling Star” by Jessica Olsen, Omaha;

Anderson Ford Lincoln,“In His Hands” by Diane Ogden, Lincoln;

Pat Raybould and Jane Raybould, Russ’s Market, Platte River Sunset” by Joel Anderson, Lincoln;

Weathercraft Roofing Co., “Reach for the Stars From the Heart of Nebraska” by Helen Donlan, Brian Zaro and Olivia Vogel, Lincoln;

Non Profit Shared Services, “Serving Hands Reflect Helping Hearts” by Kim Fitzekam-Szelag, Lincoln;

LI-COR Biosciences (proposal to be selected);

UNICO and Rembolt Ludtke, LLP, “Music Inspires Love – Love Inspires Music” by Liz Shea, Lincoln; and

Anonymous (proposal to be selected).


L Magazine editor

Mark Schwaninger is L magazine and Neighborhood Extra editor.

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