Gabrielle Union and Ashley Graham

Gabrielle Union and Ashley Graham share a glass of wine on Graham's podcast.

Omaha native and actress Gabrielle Union was the special guest on the second episode of supermodel and Lincoln native Ashley Graham's new podcast, "Pretty Big Deal." 

The two stars shared a glass of wine and a wide-reaching conversation. Union and husband Dwyane Wade each have their own wine labels; Union's is called "Vanilla Puddin'."

"Nothing is off the table as we dive into being comfortable in your own skin, raising kids in the age of social media, and how silence on issues can lead to even bigger problems," Graham said on YouTube about the podcast. "It’s real. It’s serious. But it's also uplifting and will leave you with lessons, inspiration and so much more."

The two stars started off talking about Husker fandom and their Nebraska roots. Union said she's an "insane fan," but Graham said "I just don't care about football like that.

"'Go Big Red' was not whispered in my ear when I came out of my mother's vagina," Graham said. She said she and her mom would go to SouthPointe and shop at Wet Seal, Hot Topic and other stores during games to avoid the crowds.

Union and Graham also discussed Nebraska-centric food, with Graham saying she loves Runza's fries but … and Union breaking in: "Don't you blaspheme Runza!" They both nodded at Godfather's Pizza.


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