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Tim Brusnahan, Kason Fiedler and his dad Todd Fiedler

(From left) Program Chair Tim Brusnahan, Kason Fiedler and his dad Todd Fiedler. Kason played his tuba and the piano for Lincoln Executive Club members.

He feels musical notes like a poet feels words of expression. It becomes a gift of interpretation and creativity by ear. He prefers to express through his music.

Kason Fiedler has an ear for music and has been exhibiting his talent since he was a child. Fiedler is now a gifted and accomplished musician and senior at Lincoln Southwest High School who is headed to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, seeking a musical scholarship.

He recently returned from New York City after participating in the Honors Performance Series at Carnegie Hall, which places him in the top seven in the world of high school talent on the tuba.

Fiedler performed recently at a luncheon meeting for the Lincoln Executive Club, entertaining the membership with complicated etudes and musical pieces accomplished on the tuba and the piano.

His opening performance was the Toccata in E-flat Minor, a solo piano piece composed by Aram Khachaturian in 1932 and is the first part of a three-movement suite for the piano. The piece lasted more than six minutes and was performed completely from memory.

Fiedler was accompanied at the luncheon by his proud father, Todd Fiedler.

“He’s my hero. I know most people have it the other way around, but he’s my hero after seeing what he’s been able to accomplish,” beamed Todd Fiedler, a Lincoln native, who works full time at Goodyear and part time at ALLO Communications. “He hears music and he’s been playing music since a young age. He knew in his mind that he really got the tuba. So, we had to go get him one for high school.”

Kason Fiedler followed up his piano solo with a virtuoso tuba performance called Etude #4 in bass clef composed by Vladislav Blazhevich. Again, this was performed by memory.

The high school senior has been participating in marching band, wind ensemble, jazz band, show band and orchestra since he was a freshman. He’s lettered in band and orchestra all four years. He accomplished the chair of principal tuba in the Junior Youth Orchestra in Lincoln his freshman year, and the principal tuba in the Lincoln Youth Symphony his junior and senior years.

He’s received a Rating I at the Solo & Ensemble Festival all four years of high school. He’s First Alternate for the National Honor Band of America. He received a Rating I at the Nebraska District Piano Festival his freshman and sophomore years. Since his freshman year, his piano teacher has been Dr. Marina Fabrikant, professor of music at Union College.

But that’s not quite the case when it comes to learning music for the tuba savant, according to his father.

“He’s never had a lesson on the tuba. That’s something he just picked up and knew how to play right away,” said Todd Fiedler.

And, when asked of his own musical acumen, dad didn’t hesitate to offer his accomplishments. “I can’t play a lick. I have no musical gifts, whatsoever. And, I think Kason likes it that way.”

When asked about where the drive comes from for his son with music, Todd Fiedler offered up his honest answer.

“I don’t push him. I’ve never pushed him. And, he’s very humble. I’m so very proud of him.”

Without missing a beat, Kason Fiedler followed up his dad’s comments with, “I’ve got a long way to go.”


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