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Allie Works plays a young Alison Bechdel in "Fun Home," which makes its Lincoln premiere at the TADA Theatre on Thursday. Matthew Clegg and Rachel Pickrel also star in the Tony Award-winning musical.

Director Bob Rook is hard-pressed to choose the true star of "Fun Home," the five-time Tony Award-winning musical, which makes its Lincoln debut on Thursday at the TADA Theatre.

The musical, based on the graphic memoir of Alison Bechdel, features three actresses -- Allie Works (childhood), Victoria Handford (young adult) and Rachel Pickrel (present day) -- playing the lead character.

In addition, Matthew Clegg, Cris Rook, Sam Maser, Jared Flodman and Vincent Taddeucci each has the opportunity to shine in a show that took Broadway by storm by being nominated for 12 Tony's in 2015. It won five, including best musical.

"This is Lincoln's first chance to see it and it falls in line with TADA's history," Bob Rook said. "It's a big show with a lot of scenes. It's a big show to be done in TADA's space, but we've never let the size of our space limit what we're doing."

But the biggest star of the show might Keri Kriston, who will never step foot on the stage during the show.

Kriston used her drawing skills to free-hand the sets for a show that has more than its share of scene changes. 

"It's impressive what she has done," Rook said. 


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