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The second-annual Omaha Comedy Week concludes Saturday with a set at The Waiting Room Lounge by  Los Angeles-based comic Rory Scovel. 

"We sought Rory out because he's a comedian who defies conventional stand-up to produce his own unique style," said Ian Douglas Terry, a member of OK Party Comedy. "He's poised to blow up and become a household name, so we wanted to get him to Omaha as soon as possible."

OK Party's four comics will be on the bill with Scovel, who answered a few emailed questions in advance of the show.

It’s Monday, and your show in Omaha is on Saturday. Do you have any idea at this point what you will do onstage? Watching clips of you performing entire sets in a German accent or abandoning a hotel lobby stage to meander six floors up and sing happy birthday to a Hyatt guest suggests to me that you place a high value on spontaneity.

At this point I sort of know that I want to do a lot of the stuff I just did on my album recording from June 22 at Third Man. I want to also play with a bunch of other ideas but definitely do a lot of that stuff. I do enjoy the spontaneity of the whole thing so I try not to think about it too much.

Last month, you recorded a Live at Third Man show in Nashville, which will be released on vinyl on Jack White’s record label. How did the collaboration come about? Was the performance/recording process at all different from your album “Dilation”? Will copies of that be available in Omaha?

The collaboration came about when I ran into Jack White at a burger place in the fall of 2011. I was touring my album "Dilation" and decided to just hand him a copy and hope he would give it a listen and maybe like it. A year later he invited me to come do the vinyl. It was a very different experience than when I did "Dilation." That was a two-show recording that was edited on Stand Up! Records and released hard copy and digitally.

This Third Man recording was just one show, right to tape and then to vinyl. There won't be a digital release, and as far as I know at this point there won't be any edits to the show. Just a straight up, whatever happened is what you hear kind of thing. Not sure how distribution will work at this point for the album, but my guess is that it will be on Third Man Records website and in their store in Nashville. Outside of that, I'm not really sure.

You left South Carolina to pursue stand-up and acting work in established places -- D.C., New York and now L.A. Pretty much everyone else involved in Omaha Comedy Week lives and performs here and is trying to build up a comedy scene in Omaha (and Lincoln). What do you think a city needs for comedy to thrive there?

I think a successful scene just needs enough people that want it to work. Having comics and improvisers and sketch comics performing and loving performance and working together to provide awesome outlets for that usually breeds a great scene. It attracts the right audiences that find themselves also wanting to support it. From what I hear, Omaha is headed in that direction if not already there.

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