Nobody’s better than Pink. Period.

More than years ago, she delivered the best show in the first year of Pinnacle Bank Arena. On Tuesday night, she did it again with another singing/dancing/flying spectacle that, to steal a phrase from the TV commercial, not only sets the bar for concerts, it is the bar.

Emerging hanging from a chandelier on the opener “Get This Party Started,” Pink spent as much time in the arena air as Cirque du Soleil performers will in May, spinning, flipping and soaring around the bowl -- most notably on the penultimate “So What,” that saw her high in the rafters and tumbling down toward the floor.

And, unlike the professional aerialists, she was singing the entire time. And, again, she demonstrated that she’s simply the best singer of today’s pop stars -- pop being a general designation.

The 21-song set ranged from the pop anthem “Raise Your Glass” to rock on covers of No Doubt’s “Just a Girl” and a killer run through Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit,” to the gospelly “I Am Here,” to powerhouse balladeering on songs like “Try.”

Given that it’s Pink, it’s all done entirely live -- no tracks, just Alecia Moore, a very good six-piece band and a pair of backing singers. So when she flubbed the lyrics of “I’m Not Dead,” she quipped “those aren’t the words. I can change it if I wrote it right?” -- something that wouldn’t be heard at 99 percent of pop concerts.

When she wasn’t flying around, Pink was in constant motion on the stage, joining her 10 dancers in tightly choreographed routines, slapping hands with audience members and basking in the spotlights.

The staging was impressive as well -- and, there was plenty of humor too, including a punch in the nose to a giant inflatable Eminem on “Revenge,” their duet from her new album “Beautiful Trauma.”

The 14,300 who packed the arena went nuts for Pink, largely from start-to-finish, for good reason. You won’t see a better show anywhere, anytime. She’s the total package.

Photos: Pink rocks the arena

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