Masked rapper Leikeli47 performs on the outdoor Night Market stage at Lincoln Calling Saturday.

Near the end of Lion Babe’s Lincoln Calling closing set Saturday, Jillian Hervey began to sway and swoop her hands back and forth, leading into “The Wave,” Lion Babe’s ‘70s funk infused R&B song of the summer.

Then as the horn-filled track delivered by Hervey’s production partner Lucas Goodman, a keyboardist and a drummer reached the feature, out came masked rapper Leikeli47 to bring her lively bars then blend with Hervey's soul singing -- just as they do on the record

Lion Babe and Leikeli47 had performed the song together less than a handful of times. Now it’s been done in Lincoln, which was very cool to see and hear. It’s also the second time in as many years for a rare record to stage collaboration, last year’s coming from pop singer Charli XCX and rapper Cupcake.

“The Wave” was one of the highlights of the final night of Lincoln Calling 2018,

Leikeli47 provided the one of the sets of the night -- a vibrant display of her skills and her ear-gripping tracks that had the Night Market crowd going long before she did her hits. Leikeil47 is signed to a major label and has a relatively high profile. But she’s still a little out of the hip-hop mainstream, giving her an edge that really worked live.

The other set of the night came from Evan Bartels & The Stoney Lonesomes at the Zoo Bar. Road tight, Bartels and his band have become a formidable outfit, cutting the air with a sound that incorporates Bob Dylan, the Marshall Tucker Band and smart side of country (nothing bro here). That the Zoo was packed for the 8:30 p.m. set is evidence of the band’s popularity.

Among the best moments of the set -- the Dylan cover. It wasn’t a hit, rather a raucous take on “Kansas City.” Well played, gentlemen.

Bartels sans band will be heading to New York via Tupelo starting Sunday morning, joining Bonehart Flannigan on a week-long songwriter tour that will get former Lincolnite Jon Dell, aka Bonehart, back to the city to which he moved four years ago.

Bonehart Flannigan also played Lincoln Calling Saturday, delivering, for me, the song of the night, a dark number about oxycontin addiction and its devastation of a small town titled “Locust Road Lament.”


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