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kill county

Kill County is, from left, Mark Wolberg, Ringo, Brad Kindler, Josh Holstein, Joe Salvati, Terry McGinn, Jon Augustine and Ben Gotschall. (Courtesy photo)

As a way to conclude what already has been a week's worth of incessant live shows and recording, the Lincoln-based folk ensemble Kill County will perform three shows in three days, starting Friday evening at the recently opened Mad Ave.

But for Kill County, these performance benders are essential but also ephemeral, as two of the band's founders recently have moved to opposite ends of the country.

"Josh (James) lives in Austin, Texas, and I just moved to Ann Arbor, Mich.," said banjoist and vocalist Ringo -- and yes, he's known as just Ringo. "So when we get together we book as many shows as possible. We are dedicated to keeping this project alive and are always planning our next move."

Kill County's origins go back 10 years, when then-roommates James and Ringo began collaborating more independently from other projects.

"We were all in Triggertown and other projects together," Ringo said, "and we had these other songs that didn't quite fit the bands we were in. They just kind of came out in time, and so Kill County is a home for these songs."

Kill County has since released two full-length records, "State Line" in 2007 and 2010's "Year of Getting By," a delicate, heart-felt folk piece full of twangy, dusty tunes whose rustic lyrics sound like they were written 80 years ago.

"We decided to do all the engineering ourselves on a four track," Ringo said. "We wanted the analog sound, something intimate, something where the room came through. We wanted to capture the warmth and natural reverb of wooden floors and such."

While the number of members fluctuates regularly, one can expect at least a five-piece (guitar, banjo, pedal steel, dobro and drums) for this weekend's round of shows, with a few guests sitting in on the Duffy's show Sunday.

As for the future?

"We are working on the next record," Ringo said. "This last week we've been working hard to get a demo started. We're always writing new music, and this new round of tunes so far is inspiring for us."

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