As has been increasingly the case, the movie year was consumed by super hero/comic book pictures, with six of the top 11 movies at the box office. But, of that lot, only “Wonder Woman” is getting notice as among the year’s best.

That’s not surprising. The pictures, while sometimes enjoyable, are formulaic and repetitive. But in a world where only box office really matters, they’ll continue to fill theaters and drive the movie discussion for years to come.

What did surprise is that some “Star Wars" devotees are disappointed, at best, with “The Last Jedi.” I found it a well-done, entertaining picture, albeit overhyped and way too long. But I’m far from a "Star Wars" geek.

Four performances from the year I can’t shake: Frances McDormand in “Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri,” Gary Oldman in “Darkest Hour,” Hong Chau in “Downsizing” and Willem Dafoe in “The Florida Project.” Almost certainly all will be Oscar-nominated for their work, with Oldman and Dafoe as near-locks to win.

My best of 2017 list is confined to movies that played in Lincoln theaters in 2017. So “The Post,” “The Shape of Water,” “Phantom Thread” and “Call Me By Your Name” aren’t here.

-- L. Kent Wolgamott