FALL OF THE AMERICAN EMPIRE. There was a time when this heist movie might've stolen the hearts of art-house audiences worldwide, even -- or especially -- in America. (Ross). Grade: C.

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ALADDIN. Disney nails the live-action "Aladdin," mostly because it hardly messed with the formula from the 1992 animated original. PG.  (Grand, East Park, SouthPointe) Grade: B

ANNABELLE COMES HOME. The third film in the horror series about a killer doll could use more jump scares but still might be the best of the trilogy. R. (Grand, East Park, Edgewood) Grade: C+

ANNA. This action film about a group of government assassins has been done multiple times before -- and better. R. (Grand, SouthPointe) Grade: D

AVENGERS: ENDGAME. The superhero series-ender is a dull, reheated rehash of stale humor, over-the-top portentiousness, swirled in a blender of gray CGI with enough endings and bittersweet goodbyes. PG-13. (Grand). Grade: C

CHILD'S PLAY. This film about a demonic doll updates the 80s original with predictable, but generally effective results. R. (Grand, East Park, Edgewood) Grade: C 

THE DEAD DON'T DIE. This zombie comedy about a small town that becomes overrun with zombies when a global mishap prompts the dead to rise from their graves is well-cast with a meta sense of humor alongside the gore, but doesn't break any new ground. R. (Grand) Grade: C

GODZILLA: KING OF MONSTERS. This is one franchise that doesn't feel fished out or exhausted or exhausting.The monsters, Toho studio classics redesigned but faithfully so, are pretty swell and monumentally destructive and the action-laden film is highly entertaining. PG-13. (Grand) Grade: B

JOHN WICK: CHAPTER THREE — PARABELLUM. The third installment of the John Wick series follows its formula too closely, with a brooding performance from Reeves, two acts of adrenaline and originality and a final, dull, violent slog. R. (Grand) Grade: C+

LATE NIGHT. Emma Thompson plays a David Letterman-like late-night talk show host in a workplace comedy that plunges right into very contemporary issues of diversity and sexism in media. R. (Grand) Grade: B

MEN IN BLACK: INTERNATIONAL. The globe-hopping fourth installment of the Men In Black series is a medium pretty-decent effort that sort of entertains with its mix of comedic dialogue and anti-alien violence. PG-13. (Grand, East Park, Edgewood, SouthPointe) Grade: C

THE PROPOSAL. Artist Jill Magid's thought-provoking "The Proposal" is perfectly executed conceptual art masquerading as a documentary film. Not Rated. (Ross) Grade: A

ROCKETMAN. The Elton John blinged-out biopic "Rocketman," is outfitted to the nines in dazzle and verve, even if it's gotten all dressed up with nowhere to go but the most conventional places. R. (Grand, Edgewood) Grade: C+

THE SECRET LIFE OF PETS 2. Three interlocking plots in this animated sequel about talking pets, creating a solid piece of entertainment for all ages that's a better picture than the original. PG. (Grand, East Park, Edgewood, SouthPointe) Grade: B

THE SOUVENIR. A coming-of-age memoir of sorts and an exercise in pure cinema from a skilled filmmaker that introduces a brilliant new talent to the screen (Ross). Grade: A

SPIDER-MAN: FAR FROM HOME. The second installment of the "Spider-Man" reboot with Tom Holland as the teenage webslinger doesn't break new ground or push any envelopes, it's a letter to fans that says: Everything will be just fine. PG-13. (Grand, East Park, Edgewood, SouthPointe). Grade: B

TOY STORY 4. In a season of franchise and sequel fatigue, this imaginative fourth Tony Story picture brightens the summer with a new character, a spork, a highly relatable, laugh-filled story and superb animation. G. (Grand, East Park, Edgewood, SouthPointe). Grade: C+ 

YESTERDAY. This high-concept picture that posits only one man knows the music of the Beatles has a strange story, feels forced and wobbly yet is impossible not to like. PG-13. (Grand, SouthPointe) Grade: C+


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