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APOLLO 11. This documentary about the mission that took astronauts Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins to the moon and back half a century ago relies on footage shot and audio recorded at the time -- and the results are riveting. G. (Grand) Grade: A

CAPTIVE STATE. This sci-fi film about a Chicago neighborhood trying to survive 10 years after an alien invasion was not screened in time for Ground Zero deadlines. PG-13. (Grand, Edgewood)

THE CROSSING. This Chinese film about a girl who smuggles iPhones from Hong Kong to the mainland was not screened for critics. Not Rated (Grand)

FIVE FEET APART. A pair of cystic fibrous patients fall for each other while dealing with their disease in this romantic drama that was not screened in time for Ground Zero deadlines. PG-13. (Grand, Edgewood, SouthPointe)

THE INVISIBLES. This part documentary, part dramatization tells the story of four young Jews who survived the Holocaust by "hiding in plain site" in Berlin. Not Rated, (Ross) Grade: B

LEGEND OF THE DEMON CAT. The epic mystery fantasy utilizes lavish sets, costumes and visual effects to tell an ancient Chinese story of a monk and a poet trying to find and stop a demonic cat that is terrorizing the Tang Dynasty imperial court. (Ross) Grade: B+

WONDER PARK. This animation about an old amusement park that comes alive via the imagination of a young girl was not screened in time for Ground Zero deadlines. PG. (Grand, East Park, Edgewood)

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ALITA: BATTLE ANGEL. With tonal inconsistencies and poorly written characters, any awe inspired by this visually stunning Manga adaptation is replaced with a profound sense of confusion. PG-13. (Grand). Grade: C

CAPTAIN MARVEL. Marvel's first movie featuring a female superhero is a plucky and pleasing, if predictable, excursion. It's a bit of a feminist character study that's brought down by outer space mumbo jumbo. PG-13. (Grand in 3-D and 2-D, East Park, Edgewood, SouthPointe). Grade: C+

GREEN BOOK. This Best Picture Oscar winner is a crowd-pleaser. It's based on the true story of an Italian-American bouncer, played by Viggo Mortensen, who drives a Jamaican-American musician, played by Mahershala Ali, through the South in 1962. PG-13. (Edgewood) Grade: B

HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON: THE HIDDEN WORLD. The third installment of the series about a Viking boy turned chief and his dragon wraps up the trilogy with an affectionate, mildly moving chapter. PG. (Grand, East Park, Edgewood, SouthPointe), Grade: C+

ISN'T IT ROMANTIC. This romantic comedy gets by, barely, on its apparently inexhaustible "adorable concussion" comic premise, and on Rebel Wilson's comic chops. PG-13. (Grand) Grade: C

THE LEGO MOVIE 2: THE SECOND PART. This sequel to the high velocity 2014 joke barrage isn't as good as the original. But it's still an entertaining, innovative animated picture that has humor and good messages for all ages. PG. (East Park) Grade: B

TYLER PERRY'S A MEDEA FAMILY FUNERAL. A family reunion turns into a nightmare when a funeral threatens to reveal long held secrets in the formless, monotonous eleventh installment of the Medea series. PG-13. (East Park) Grade: D




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