THE ADDAMS FAMILY This animated take on the horror comedy family, who aren't exactly great neighbors, was not screened in time for Ground Zero deadlines. PG. (Grand, East Park, SouthPointe)

GEMINI MAN. Essentially a technology demonstration of high frame rate filming and exhibition with a completely digital young Will Smith clone character, director Ang Lee's picture based ona 22-year-old script is barely a movie and it doesn't even look good. PG-13. (Grand, Edgewood, SouthPointe) Grade: D+

JEXI. Nebraska native Adam DeVine stars in this comedy as a man addicted to his phone whose life is thrown out of whack when the phone has be upgrade. It was not screened in time for Ground Zero deadlines. R. (Grand, East Park)

LORO. This disjointed, exploitative Italian film tells the story of Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, a wealthy, corrupt, womanizing businessman in such a highly imagined fashioned that it fails to connect. Not Rated. (Ross) Grade: C+

RAISE HELL: THE LIFE AND TIMES OF MOLLY IVINS. This illuminating documentary tells the story of Texas journalist Molly Ivins, whose hilariously pointed political commentary turned her into a national pop culture figure. Unrated. (Ross) Grade: A

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ABOMINABLE. This animated movie about a sweetheart mystical, magical Yeti pulls off its predictable story in a way that's appealing to younger kids without frightening them or boring older kids and parents to death. PG. (Grand, East Park, Edgewood, SouthPointe) Grade: B

AD ASTRA. An astronaut (Brad Pitt) searches for his father (Tommy Lee Jones) internally and literally in this visually captivating, effectively conveyed space drama. R. (Edgewood). Grade: B+

DOWNTON ABBEY.This big screen fan service version of the TV hit leans so far, it falls forward onto a fainting couch. It's not a movie, really. It's a commemorative "Downton Abbey" throw pillow. PG. (Grand,  SouthPointe) Grade: C

HUSTLERS. Jennifer Lopez shines in this true story of a group of New York City strippers who, put out by the recession's effects on their Wall Street patrons, start a side con that involves drugging their wealthy marks that spins its wheels until its banger of an ending. R. (Grand, East Park) Grade: C+

IT: CHAPTER TWO. Demonic clown Pennywise returns in this film version of the second half of Stephen King's novel "It," a cinematic fun house of set pieces that explore fears of childhood and adults. R. (Grand, East Park) Grade: C+

JOKER. A deeply disturbing, wholly unsettling profile of villainy masked as popcorn entertainment, "Joker" is a blockbuster origin story about the Batman villain that's bold, daring, subversive and thrilling, but not a comic book movie. R. (Grand, East Park, Edgewood, SouthPointe). Grade: A

JUDY. Renee Zellweger's performance as Judy Garland creates an intimate illusion that feels authentic, witty and affecting and makes "Judy" worth watching. PG-13. (Grand) Grade: B

THE LION KING. the latest Disney live action remake is a horrific experiment, combining photorealistic animal simulations with celebrity voices into a bizarre Frankenstein's monster of a film that manages to ruin the beloved 1994 original. PG. (SouthPointe) Grade: C

RAMBO: LAST BLOOD. This haggard, lethargically directed film is the end of the line for Sylvester Stallone's once-iconic character. who lumbers to the finish line in a flaccid, violent slog. R. (Grand, Edgewood) Grade: D


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