3 FACES. Iranian director Jafar Panahi has made another absorbing film observing life in the Islamic-ruled country, this time set in a mystery around the disappearance of a girl who wants to leave her village to become an actress. Not Rated. (Ross) Grade: A

THE AFTERMATH. Other than a truly excellent supporting performance by a sweeping, butterscotch-colored satin gown, this post World War II 1940s love triangle is a lot of pretty mush. R. (Ross) Grade: C

THE BEST OF ENEMIES. Movie was not reviewed prior to Ground Zero press time. (Grand, SouthPointe)

PET SEMATARY. This Stephen King novel was not screened prior to Ground Zero press time. (Grand, East Park, Edgewood)

THE PUBLIC.  Movie was not reviewed prior to Ground Zero press time. (Grand) 

SHAZAM! This youthful and mostly playful treatment of one of DC's cheesier superheroes is a welcome antidote to the usual brooding DC fare, an upbeat superhero movie that feels young at heart. PG-13. (Grand in 3-D and 2-D, East Park, Edgewood, SouthPointe) Grade: B

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THE BEACH BUM. This fun-for-a-while attempt by writer-director Harmony Korine, gets by thanks to Matthew McConaughey's performance, but he exhausts his character's traits and mannerisms not long after Korine runs out of ideas. R. (Grand) Grade: C

CAPTAIN MARVEL. Marvel's first movie featuring a female superhero is a plucky and pleasing, if predictable, excursion. It's a bit of a feminist character study that's brought down by outer space mumbo jumbo. PG-13. (Grand, East Park, Edgewood, SouthPointe)  Grade: C+

DUMBO.  Stretched thin, this dramatically inert live action remake of the 1941 Disney film about the little circus elephant who could fly tries, but ultimately says almost nothing at all. PG. (Grand, East Park, Edgewood, SouthPointe) Grade: C

FIVE FEET APART. A pair of cystic fibrous patients fall for each other while dealing with their disease in this romantic drama. PG-13. (Grand, Edgewood, SouthPointe)   Grade: C

GLORIA BELL. A faithful American remake of Chilean director Lelio's 2013 hit "Gloria," this picture about a late '50s woman brashly leading her life and perhaps finding love again features a powerful performance by Moore. R. (Grand). Grade: B

HOTEL MUMBAI. This gripping, nearly minute-by-minute account of the carnage that unfolded in the grand Taj Mahal Palace Hotel in Mumbai during the terror attacks of November 2008 disturbing, yet also illuminating. R. (Grand) Grade: C

HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON: THE HIDDEN WORLD. The third installment of the series about a Viking boy turned chief and his dragon wraps up the trilogy with an affectionate, mildly moving chapter. PG. (East Park) Grade: C+

UNPLANNED. This drama about a Planned Parenthood executive who has a crisis of conscience was not screened in advance for critics. R . (Grand) 

US. A tour de force of comic tension and visceral release, a movie that weaponizes our chuckles against us and reminds us that laughing, screaming and thinking are not mutually exclusive pleasures. R. (Grand, East Park, Edgewood, SouthPointe)  Grade: A

WONDER PARK. This animation about an old amusement park that comes alive via the imagination of a young girl is for little kids only. PG. (East Park) Grade: C


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