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Each week, Journal Star staffers will share what we’re listening to, reading, eating, watching, wearing or otherwise generally loving right now. These are real, actual ravings, not paid content.

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Chromecast. Gone are the days when watching Netflix or YouTube on a real TV meant buying 6,000 adapter cables or some $300 piece of equipment. This $35 gizmo (free for me, though, because of Christmas) beams streaming episodes of "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine" and the rest of my nerdy queue straight from my laptop or tablet. And because it's made by Google, and Google likes to share the love, the Chromecast works not only with my Chromebook, but also my fiancée's Mac laptop, my work iPad, even my cellphone. Be warned, however: Occasional glitches will make this a no-go for some folks.

-- Zach Pluhacek

Shout! Factory. Don't you hate it when a studio releases a season or two of a long-running favorite TV series ... then just stops there? And don't you love it when a company such as Shout! Factory swoops in, takes the baton and releases the rest? Shout! Factory has made its reputation on spiffy DVD releases of TV shows, some that had never seen the light of day, some that had been stalled, such as "Leave It to Beaver" and, now, "Hill Street Blues." In a sense, what has me into Shout! Factory at the moment hasn't really happened yet, but the recent news that the company will release a complete series set — 34 discs! — of the magnificent "Hill Street Blues" (whose DVD releases stalled at Season 2 in 2006) has me trembling like a little bunny. I pre-ordered direct from Shout! Factory in a special discounted offer that will let me receive a set in March, six weeks earlier than the planned official release date of April 29. Why don't you hurry and do the same? But, hey! Let's be careful out there.

— Tim Weber

NexTaxi. Happy Cab taxis can be hailed in Lincoln by way of this nationwide smartphone app, which uses GPS to track you down and a simple interface to tell your driver where you're heading. If you've never used it, might as well try on Tuesday night.

— Cory Matteson

Manchego cheese: This Spanish cheese can be a bit pricey, but small slivers tossed into a green salad with an olive oil-balsamic vinaigrette create a layer of texture that adds dimension to the greens. A little goes a long way and is well worth it.

-- Patty Beutler


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