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7543 S. 41st St.

7543 S. 41st St. — The candy-cane-themed lights are up. The house has lots of inflatables and close to 10,000 lights.

Here are reader submissions for holiday light displays in and around Lincoln: 



* 1101 & 1111 N. 97th St. — Three yards connected with an 8-foot Santa, interactive Santa's workshop and a variety of other displays and lights. 

* 9495 Northern Sky Road — Jaw-dropping display.

* 2430 Dorothy Drive — Must-see in Lincoln. Display going on for almost 30 years. Disney characters, Grinch, Charlie Brown, Looney Tunes, Santas and elves, Santa house in the driveway. 

* 900 N. 96th St. — 50 lighted wood-cutout displays and 15,000 lights on the front and backyard of the property, including a Christmas village, trees, deer and Santa with reindeer on the roof.  

* 507 Trail Ridge Circle — Inflatables, lots of lights, handmade Grinch, his dog and a fragile box.


* 4900 N.W. 10th St. White icicle lights frame the whole house, a lighted nutcracker stands guard on the porch, lights are in all of the windows and decorate the front yard.

* 2601 N.W. 53rd St. — Inflated snowman family, lighted Christmas tree in front yard, house framed with lights and lighted windows, and a giant Merry Christmas sign in the front yard. 
* 946 W. Dawes — Lights frame the whole house, giant inflatable displays, lighted mini displays in the front yard and light display on the roof.  


* 2823 O'Neil Drive Variety of lights and inflatable displays. Surrounding houses have great lighting as well. 

* 6001 The Knolls — Lighted trains, trees, Santa and reindeer on the rooftop.  

* 2515 Marilynn Ave. — An inspiring light display accepting donations for the Food Bank of Lincoln. Put donations in the blue barrel out front. 

* 2531 Marilynn Ave — Awesome light display in the front yard with variety of decorated Christmas trees. All synchronized to music.

* 1531 S.W. 25th St. Lights on all of the trees, gigantic wreath on the garage and lights framing the house and garage.  

* 919 C St. — Victorian Christmas Palace. Lights wrap around the porch and house.  


* 707 Indian Hill Drive — The house backs up to 84th Street with a magnificent display of lights on trees and stars in the backyard. Drive around to the front of the house and see another display of lights on all of the trees and stars made by the owner. 

* 3700 S. 33rd St. — 4,000 Christmas lights synchronized to music. Tune your radio to FM 92.1. 

* 5521 Pawnee St. — The Enchanted Forest with 12,444 lights on 26 trees and 28 stars. Santa with happy mice is a highlight. Lighting is synchronized to music. 

* 5940 Abigail Drive — Large, themed displays with lights and custom-wood cutouts, including the Grinch, Rudolph, Bumble, elves, gingerbread figures and a full nativity scene. Lighted wreaths and angels decorate the house. Watch for action from Santa in the window at all times. 

* 6234 Franciscan Drive — 11 authentic scenes from "Charlie Brown's Christmas" and characters Olaf and Frosty. Watch Santa in the front window packing his bag of toys. See lots of Christmas wreaths, giant red ornaments, trees, canes, Santas and a full nativity scene. 

* 6800 Marcus Road — About 20,000 multicolor bulbs, and many inflatables, projectors, a candy cane walkway, nativity scene, light-deer herd, "Cousin Eddie" and a 12-foot Santa.

* 7543 S. 41st St. Lights framing the house and yard, candy-cane-themed light display and lots of inflatables.


* 3200 Rock Creek Road, Davey — Lights synchronized to music. Tune your radio to FM 107.9, 5:30-10 p.m Monday-Friday; 5:30-10:30 p.m. Saturday-Sunday. 

* 10522 Northloch St., Waverly — Backyard lights are synchronized to music with a gigantic singing Christmas tree.   
* 13240 W. Bluff Road — The Magical Lights of Malcolm has a Facebook page with updates on the show that runs from 6-11 p.m. nightly.
* 10641 N. 140th St. — The house is decorated with all things the owner loved as a kid growing up: 8-foot snow globe with Disney characters inside, 101 Dalmatians, Chipmunks, elves, Santa and his list, Mrs. Claus and the North Pole.

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