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Deepak Sethi

Deepak Sethi

Deepak Sethi wouldn’t have made it into the “Family Guy” writers’ room or onto the staff of Daniel Tosh’s upcoming Comedy Central cartoon, “Brickleberry,” at any other time in world history.

Sethi, who authors a comedy Twitter account, which he prefers to keep anonymous, freely admits this.

That's because Sethi was first discovered online. He updated that Twitter account, a blog and a Facebook page daily with the random thoughts, lists and jokes that came to him as he went from one Toronto grocery store to the next, selling ethnic foods for his family’s company.

For a while, he said, his "following" topped out at about six people. But they spread his jokes, and by the middle of 2009, he had tens of thousands of readers, including one person who kept linking to his work.

That person was actress Alyssa Milano -- the verified one, with 2.2 million or so Twitter followers.

From there, everything exploded, Sethi said.

Milano, who’s appeared on "Family Guy," passed on Sethi’s writing to a former producer of the show, Ricky Blitt. Encouragement followed, and one script sample later, Sethi was hired as a writer for the 10th season of the animated Fox show.

He’s been writing steadily in Hollywood for about two years, and this year, with the encouragement of Christopher "Kid" Reid, he added stand-up to his repertoire.

Blogging and Twitter prepared him for all of it, he said in a phone interview last week. When you tweet a joke, followers let you know right away if it bombed or if they loved it.

"It’s a great test pilot for comedy," he said.

Even though he prefers to keep his social accounts shrouded in mystery -- "I'm the only guy telling you NOT to promote his Twitter, I know," he wrote in an email -- Sethi was fine with letting us print a few of his tweets. Here's a sample:

* Nobody will tell you how drunk he is more than the guy drinking Miller Lite from an aluminum bottle.

* Ironically Gotye is now someone who we used to know.

* I feel like the side of caution has a monopoly on errs.

* "Can you post a funny text exchange you had with a friend?!" - nobody, ever.

* Thanks for those two tables, every Subway location.

-- Cory Matteson

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