The Fukuhara

The Fukuhara is Roaming Tacos’ newest offering. It is named after Cameron's great-grandfather and was inspired by the Smiths' time in Hawaii. It starts with pork bundled in banana leaves and is topped with roasted pineapple salsa.

Amy and Cameron Smith are a power couple, living and working a dream while showcasing the power of tacos.

Tacos of different combinations and unique flavors. Tacos created from the Smiths’ ancestry. Tacos that take you places.

Roaming Tacos.

“Starting a food truck has always been something we'd dreamed about doing,” Cameron said, “and we felt that Lincoln was ready for something new. When coming up with a concept, we wanted something that could be ever-evolving and allow us to use influences from all over the world.

“Tacos were the perfect platform for this.”

And I would argue that the name – Roaming Tacos – is perfect, too.

“The name is something we worked on for a long time,” Cameron said. “In the beginning, our main focus was to come up with something that represented all the different influences that went into each taco. It covered that and the fact we are a mobile eatery. It covered everything.”

I am an amateur food critic, but Roaming Tacos’ fare, including a knockout Creamy Jalapeno Salsa, is a winner in my book. It’s why you can find Roaming Tacos often at various taprooms around town, including Zipline, White Elm, Backswing and Code.

My wife, Anna, and I are regular Roamers. The food is really, really good and priced to please. We can enjoy a great dinner for two, beers excluded, for under $15.

With family history connected to Vietnam (Amy) as well as Japan and Hawaii (Cameron), the tacos provide these two Lincoln High grads with a delicious way of sharing their roots.

Of the main four to five taco offerings, Cameron said that one seems to stand out. It’s my personal favorite – the Banhmigo.

“The Banhmigo is one of our original tacos and still seems to ring in as our biggest fan favorite,” he said. “The Banhmigo is made with Vietnamese Lemongrass grilled pork, Sriracha Lime Crema, and garnished with pickled carrots and Daikon Radish.”

I love the taste and the story behind it. The taco was inspired by Cameron's time in the kitchen with Amy's mother.

“This time last year, Amy and I were actually in Vietnam for a month. After we got married (in 2016), we waited a while to take our honeymoon because I wanted to go to Vietnam with her and meet all of her family still there. Her parents flew in and met us, and we lived one week in her dad’s home village and then a week in her mom’s home village. This was an incredibly special time for us both.”

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The Smiths are very excited about the newest addition to the menu: The Fukuhara, named after Cameron’s great grandfather.

“I have been to Hawaii twice, but Amy and I went together with my family in 2012,” Cameron said. “It was important to me for her to meet my great grandpa Paul Fukuhara.”

The Fukuhara is quickly becoming a new favorite.

“Inspired by our time spent in Hawaii,” Cameron said, “it's made with pork bundled in banana leaves and cooked for 24 hours, topped with a roasted pineapple salsa, Hawaiian-style teriyaki sauce and dusted with a Japanese seaweed and sesame seasoning.

“It's our way of willing in the summer time a little early.”

Aloha, and yes please.

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