Jimmy’s Egg is part of what I’m calling the “franchise frenzy.”

The restaurant is among several new chains that have arrived recently or will arrive soon in Lincoln.

Based in Oklahoma, the franchise opened its first Lincoln location in September at 6440 O St. in a new free-standing building where Parker’s Smokehouse used to be. It has plans to open a second store near SouthPointe Pavilions and has four stores in Omaha.

Jimmy’s Egg specializes in breakfast and lunch. It follows the Cheddar’s practice of offering large portions at reasonable prices. The most expensive menu item is $9.79, with most entrées hovering around $8.50.

Interestingly, Jimmy’s Egg opened right across the street from Village Inn, another breakfast-focused chain -- reminding me of how McDonald’s and Burger King often open near each other.


Jimmy’s Egg’s menu, like other chain restaurants of its ilk, is large -- extremely so -- with sections dedicated to skillets, specialties, omelets, pancakes, sandwiches, burgers and lunch favorites such as chicken-fried steak ($9.79) and chicken and waffles ($8.79).

Many of these dishes are paired with sides that include three CD-sized buttermilk or whole wheat pancakes, grits, hash browns, toast and more.

My wife and I tried a variety of breakfast (Country Skillet, Almost Healthy Skillet and Country Benedict) and lunch (California Club Sandwich) during our two visits. The “Benedict” is a bit of a misnomer because the entrée actually features two over-medium eggs instead of poached eggs, but the menu does include a traditional Eggs Benedict with hollandaise sauce.

These are typical breakfast and lunch dishes with a Jimmy’s Egg twist. The club sandwich, for instance, uses a ciabatta bun instead of sour dough bread. And portions are large, especially when paired with a side.

My only complaint came during our first visit. My meal -- the Country Benedict -- wasn’t as hot as I thought it should have been. It wasn’t cold, but it wasn’t hot, either. Just warm. My guess is my entrée sat under a warming light until my wife’s was finished.

While entrées are reasonably priced, drinks are not. This is where the restaurant gets you. Coffee is $2.19 (although refills are free and plentiful). My glass of milk was $2.79 -- almost the price of a gallon at a grocery store. Grade: B.


My wife and I enjoyed exceptional service on both or our visits. Kudos go to Diane, who remembered my milk when I didn’t, and to Jermaine, who is bucking for “Best Waiter in Lincoln” honors if there were any. Jermaine overflows with personality, and he seems to really care when he asks if everything is OK.”

Our first visit was at about 11 on a busy Saturday morning. We were told the wait would be 15 minutes; it was five. Despite the packed dining room, our food and beverages arrived in a timely manner. The flow was even better on a non-busy Tuesday. We were in and out in 45 minutes. Grade: A.


The best word here is functional. The room is filled with booths (along walls and down the middle as a divider) and tables and chairs. Singles can sit at a counter facing the kitchen at the back of the restaurant. The small waiting area at the entrance could use a bench. The color scheme is beige, lime green and lemon yellow. The restaurant addresses noise with carpeted floors and ceiling tiles. Nothing is fancy here, just practical. Grade: B.

Specialty diets

For more healthy options, the restaurant includes an “Over Light” section on its menu. Among the five items is a spinach and mushroom egg white omelet ($8.79), served with sliced tomatoes and dry wheat toast. Another is the “Skinny Jimmy Breakfast” ($7.49), featuring low-fat vanilla yogurt topped with strawberries, cantaloupe, granola and a toasted dry English muffin.

The lunch menu doesn’t feature any vegetarian choices, but the breakfast options are many, including a variety of pancake combinations and a vegetable omelet ($8.29) with spinach, bell pepper, onion, black olives and mushrooms. Nutritional information for each entrée (updated October 2015) is available on Jimmy’s Egg’s website. Grade: B+

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