Krispy Kreme

Krispy Kreme doughnuts.

Editor's note: Lincoln East student Maren Miller shadowed Lincoln Journal Star features editor and dining critic Jeff Korbelik for a day, which included a trip to the new Krispy Kreme. This is her review. 

It seems like there is a sudden outburst of new restaurants that have been long awaited and anticipated opening up in Lincoln, one of which being the highly revered Krispy Kreme at 6410 O St.

When it opened Jan. 19 at 5:30 am, the first person in line received a punch card for a free dozen glazed doughnuts once a week for a year and the next 99 got free doughnuts once a month for a year. The first 100 customers also got a personalized Krispy Kreme Lincoln T-shirt.


Krispy Kreme’s menu is fairly focused on two things, doughnuts and coffee, with a few other things mixed in. When (Jeff Korbelik and I) went, we got two dozen doughnuts, one glazed ($7.99) and one assorted ($9.99), which we were allowed to pick ourselves. There were some standard ones that we couldn’t forgo, like chocolate glazed, and some odd but delicious, like sour cream cake.

We also ordered a couple of their non-coffee drinks: “Chillers” that come in strawberry or lemonade. I liked them, and they tasted like a standard slushie that most restaurants carry. The doughnuts themselves are better than those from other coffee shops in town, in my opinion, and the fact that I can get there before school in the morning makes my day. Grade: B


The people were friendly and got us what we asked for quickly, and the restaurant itself added to the old-time doughnut shop feel, with the checkered red and green accents around the walls.

The coolest thing was that you could watch the doughnuts being glazed as they ran through the machine by looking through a window. It seemed to be the focus of the shop, and definitely something unique to Krispy Kreme.

The boxes also come with little paper hats, something I've never encountered anywhere else. You can buy shirts, coffee mugs, hats and all sorts of Krispy Kreme merch as well, if you feel like advertising for your favorite doughnut shop. Grade: A


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