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“Keep the Line Moving” by Kent Krause, Kodar Publishing, 207 pages, $12.95 (paperback)

Kent Krause is a Lincoln writer and the author of four previously published books. Three of these books are fictional novels and the other, “Ninety Feet Away,” is the true story of the Kansas City Royals’ 2014 baseball season that nearly brought the World Series championship back to the long-suffering fans of that franchise.

His most recent book, ”Keep the Line Moving,” of course, deals with the miraculous 2015 season in which the Commissioner’s Trophy indeed returned to the Royals after a 30-year hiatus.

Krause writes from a fan’s viewpoint and uses the same sources available to all serious fans -- newspapers, magazines, radio and television broadcasts and personal observation. And he meticulously credits all of the numerous sources he used to compile the book.

Krause follows the team beginning with winter’s “hot stove” league through spring training’s inevitable additions and subtractions from the previous year to the heat of the summer race and, finally, autumn’s glorious triumph. Virtually each game is mentioned, with disappointments and failures covered as fully as the year’s many highlights.

Baseball is a uniquely American game with a cadence more suited to the 19th rather than the 21st century. The game’s rhythms are attuned to the languid pace of a rural America where crops mature by nature’s whim and not the tick of some oppressive clock. Krause seems to realize that each season must be savored like a symphony with the slow passages enjoyed equally with the crescendos as the year unfolds.

In dealing with the daily minutia of the season, author Krause risks seeming tedious to the casual fan. However, the numerous Royals’ followers in Nebraska will appreciate the information included in this thorough work and should consider it a necessary acquisition for their personal sports libraries.

Without doubt, the follow-up book on the 2016 season is already a work in progress.

J. Kemper Campbell, M.D., is a retired Lincoln ophthalmologist and long time baseball fan who has attended more games played by the Kansas City Athletics than the Kansas City Royals.


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